Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two bedrooms done....

I have completed the two bedrooms, almost. Just a few more finishing touches, Skipper's bedroom is devoide of furniture- right now it contains overflow of the girls' suite. I am hoping , hoping I win the vintage Skipper bunk beds on Ebay I've been looking for- that is such a cute set! Yesterday my vintage 1965 brunette Skipper came in the mail that I won, she is in mint condition! I washed her dress she came in this morning, am not sure if it is an actual Skipper dress or a clone pak item. Today I hope to finish up some work on the parlor. As to the furniture, it is my own collection of hte white French Louis XV bedroom suite. The embroidered chair is no longer available, though I do sell it in my shop suitable for 22 in and larger dolls, with a mahogany/gilt finish. The pale pink pastel wingchair was designed by me, manufactured by Bespaq for my company, King William Miniatures www.kingwilliamminiatures.us and is a 1:6 scale piece. I made the bedding for the bed myself. The accessory pack,(dress form, blue dress on Luchia, shoes, shopping bag, shoe boxes, was a Silkstone accessory pack I purchased from Dan Lee of Wide Eyed girls on the Doll Divas forum. The Kellies were won on Ebay,and the miniature carpet is one of many I carry on my website and Ebay store. Enjoy the pics!


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