Monday, April 20, 2009

The girls have a slumber party....

My Barbie club that I belong to, Va. Fashion Doll Collectors' club, had a great program speaking on vintage 'pak' fashions- mainly the #900 series, many of which brought back great memories of playtime with my aunt's Barbies....

..this caused me to look through many of my childhood barbie cases & clothing items, and I found I too, had many 'pak' fashions, or from the 70's when I was between 5-8, 'Best Buy' fashions. One of the best things of belonging to the fashion doll club is the ability to mix with other ladies who know so much about the different fashion dolls- be it Barbie, Tammy, Cissy, Dawn, and so on, the different product numbers of our favorite fashions and dolls, and when they were made, and so on.

Basically, I found through accident that alot of vintage fashions look stunning on the Fashion Royalty/Jason Wu girls-- and also the silkstone & repro fashions that Mattel has begun to reproduce. So digging through my childhood stash, I found some of my aunt's snitched clothing from her Barbies, and also some of mine. I found an accumalation of loungerie and pj's which also made me get my favorite doll out- Growin' Up Skipper. After De-boxing Sleepytime Gal repro and her items, (I have renamed her Gracie- she looks like Gracie from the George and Gracie Allen show- 'Say Goodnight Gracie') I love her fabulous pj's and robe. Bewitching Hour Luchia has also been renamed Brenda Lee after Brenda Lee Johnson, from my favorite show- 'The Closer' (hopefully new episode on tonight!) All I need is a vintage pair of black barbie glasses for BW Luchia/Brenda Lee and I'm on a roll- along with candy bars, the big black purse, and some cupcakes in front of her. Maybe a sideshow figure to resemble Fritz too. lol.

Luchia/Brenda Lee wears an orange 70's peignoir, I loved this nightgown set- couldn't find the little robe for some reason. Growin up skipper wears vintage Barbie's pak pj's in pink with the blue ruffle, and Eugenia wears some vintage pj's also that I thnk were Best Buy. She also wears Bratz big terry slippers, and Brenda Lee wears 2008 Christmas Barbie's furry slippers. The girls are organizing their clothes, which Gracie is fussing over in the armorie wardrobe.

I have been rethinking my design on the playscale house- mainly doing away with the bathroom. Though I liked the idea of a bathroom- I know I want my focus to include both my Fashion Royalty dolls, my vintage childhood dolls I still love- like Skipper, Kelly and Tutti also, and my Only Hearts dolls which I really love to collect also. So I am thinking of widening that room at the top and making a bedroom for Skipper- I have made a bed, maybe have another twin bed and use the same fabric and material for matching headboards. So this is a major kink in the plan for the room division, but I would love to have a Skipper/Tutti bedroom, because of the many toys and items that would look really adorable, and make the dollhouse unique.

Enjoy the pics!


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