Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to working on the dollhouse!

It has been a few months since I did anything at all on the 1:6 scale dollhouse, or wrote of my progress or any of my collecting.....too long in fact.

I am pleased to say I have news- I found out who made the dollhouse! It was something I never noticed when I picked up the house months ago last year in November 08, it was loaded so quickly I did not notice the etching on the bottom of the dollhouse. My husband and I decided that since I am at the shop, the best place for this large house is at the shop, where I can work on it in spare time between commissions, and also have it ready for display of my collection, so everyone can enjoy it- (who am I kidding- I want to play at the shop when no one is around!LOL)
The name G.L. Jadwin 1999 was etched with a wood burning tool on the bottom of the dollhouse base. How cool is that? So now we know how old the dollhouse is- It is ten years old this year! I love finding clues like this on a dollhouse- it always shows you should sign and date the item, so future generations or owners will know who built or created the item.

As many of you may know, I recently opened my own shop, so I will be working on the dollhouse there- and eventually having it on display for people to enjoy looking at in the shop. For updates on my shop- King William Miniatures & Collectibles, Suite B, 6114 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23228- check out our shop blog here- all of the updates, new products, and events that will be coming up in June!

Now onto lighter subjects- my favorite W club doll so far- she outshines Vanessa- pics of Luchia, who has decided Sleepytime Gal has a great wardrobe!

* all furniture is Bespaq, Louis XV bedroom suite, Lisa's private collection.*


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