Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beginning work on the floor base for the bathroom...

Today's weather was simply awful.....it began to snow, and sleet, and brrr....get colder along with ice on these country roads I live on, making driving more difficult. So I thought today besides packing packages for shipment, I would work a bit on the floor base I had cut for the small bath off of the girls' bathroom, (Agnes is extremely upset that the work is not done....well, I am too. lol!) I had originally purchased some matboard or artists board from Ben Franklin for this room. One of the problems is the former owner/builder used rubber cement on glueing the carpets in this house, so directly tiling onto the floor wasn't an option. So I decided to do the floors on slide-in pieces, that would slide in and fall into place, for easy removal if I later decide to wire the house for lights. Hence, this is house I came about for tiling this matboard, and glueing the MDF dais and step directly onto it, then building the rest of the tile floor around it, then - there ya go- slide her in when finished.

The bathroom will be small, making the most use of the space as possible. I haven't exactly decided what I will use for a sink or toilet- I like the new Barbie items available now, but they are so pink! So looks like I will be trolling Ebay for accessories for the bathroom, I would love to do puddle drapes at the window- I think that would really add to the simple look of elegance. I have a very pretty mirror, that can be painted gold on the frame, and maybe a pretty vase with peacock feathers also. I have thought of using seashells on the walls, with starfish that I found, giving it a nautical theme since the manor might switch geographical locations and be on the Riveria, Cannes, etc. Still playing with the story line here.

Have made my payment to the W club and yeah! Luchia is on her way! Took me a while to get together some moolah to pay for her after the holidays. I'm hoping to add some serving staff since my girls are so snobby- they still insist they need the French Maid silkstone to wait on them. I know they will definitely need a butler and a chef- my girls can't cook. So far Uncle Giles (Sideshow Giles) will only be reading his books in the library with a spot of tea, and chaperoning his niece and her chums. lol. I think I may end with too many dolls and may need to build another playscale house!lol!

Presently, I have so much going on- and this weather has held me up papering the walls and putting up walls like I would like to. Until the small garage is cleaned out of displays, shop counters, and stock, I won't be able toput the dollhouse in a stable climate controlled environment, so its decoration and construction has been put on severe hold- I'm hoping to open the gallery shop by appointment only at my parents' home, which will be perfect. Hubby will have the garage to turn into his office for his business, and has reluctantly agreed to let me temporarily store the dollhouse there. Since my desk will be there too, I hope so. lol. I have since acquired more furniture for some of the rooms that is simply awesome.


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