Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well, I bid on Sideshow Willow on Ebay...., I know. I'm hooked. But I have a couple more hours to wait to see if I win this auction- Willow is up for $9.99!! What a deal, I couldn't resist. Have no pics as of yet, but am working on Giles' desk (the slant Bespaq desk that I am sold out of on my website, but am expecting in some more this week-) yippee! I kept one back for display in my gallery shop that I will be opening by appointment only soon, stay tuned.
But back to Willow figure- she is so cute- this isn't vampire Willow, but human Willow dressed in the fuzzy pink sweater and skirt with sneakers, she is so cute. I think it will be great to add regular figures that have character next to my snobby FR girls-- I like a mix of faces. The desk I am working on I have completed a large spined book, still making it look aged and worn, the pages are blank. Last evening I made alot of envelopes with parchment paper, some stuffed and closed, all with red wax seals- secret correspondence from the Watcher's Council, you know. I have a small jar that I need to put water and a cross in, for the holy water, and I need to make some Mr. Pointy stakes for Giles to have on hand. I will take pictures when I get the desk stuffed and ready. Will post more when I find out this evening if I win Willow!
I haven't really figured out how I will make the permanent library diorama, I'd like to have an upstairs balconey like the sunnydale library- but creating stairs is difficult. I may limit the library to just one floor with a foamcore mockup to play with, and go from there. Assembling the figures helps, so you can see what size and dimensions are needed. Will post more later!

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