Thursday, January 8, 2009

Items arrived....and rethinking those stairs!

Well, I have had alot of items arrive! The chandelier from arrived Fedex, and it is soooooo lovely! I absolutely love this chandelier, and will probably slowly but surely, purchase the others for the house.

Sideshow Giles & Willow have arrived, and they are awesome. A word to the wise on this Willow figure, her face is entirely too pale for her body- so you may want to customize her facial coloring. But the outfit is cute- even down to the dirty white sneakers. I have taken some pics of the beginnings of this diorama in the collection stage, and the desk that Giles will use.

As for those stairs- I have had alot of time to rethink doing the stairs. One of my ideas is to close up the holes in the stair wells and create a fake door in each room at the back, to make it look as though the stairs are in a hallway reached by the fake doors. This would give me loads of room that ordinarily would betaken up by the staircase. Also, I will be able to divide the salon/parlor in half and Giles can have his library, filled with books! (which I'm working on right now.) The next doll in the trio on my list is Prophecy girl Buffy by Sideshow, when I get a little moolah ahead. lol. As of yet, I am liking the idea of the fake doors, and this will really add to the house also. I have made one door for the bedroom for the partition wall that divides the bedroom and bath, and bought the hinges, I am hesitating on putting in the wallpaper and the partition until I have a dry place to keep this dollhouse, since we have had such damp weather. Also, I may be able to put a chandelier in the parlor, through the stairwell hole, and have the adaptor in the bedroom. This helps solve the problem of space, and lights! I made the books, which are blank, the open book of the Da Vinci prints, and the envelopes were made with a scrapper's envelope punch. The wax seals on the envelopes are made with candle wax. I set the items up to see how they looked together, Giles of course is sitting in his leather wingchair looking at the newest communication from the Watcher's Council, and Willow is looking for more books on research.

Enjoy the pictures of the beginning of the Slayer library diorama! Agnes just can't understand why Uncle Giles has such odd letters arrive at the Manor!



Rebekah said...

I've just started working on making 1/6 scale dollhouse furniture, but I've hit a big snag. I can't find anyone who sells hardware (doorknobs, hinges, etc) for anything other than 1/12. How have you gotten around this problem?

Lisa said...

Hi Rebekah- I have run into this problem myself. I have known alot of people who use alot of 1/12 scale components/hardware with also their own divisings of creating the hardware fromjewelry findings and beads, which I have done. A good alternative is using brass tubing with the proper size brass bead for the doorknob from model railroad shops.