Thursday, October 11, 2018

New dolls from Integrity and the Raffle prize I won..

I forgot to post pics of the Raffle prize I won at the October meeting. Also the Lottery dolls from Integrity arrived today. I also haven't posted pics of Soda Pop Poppy Parker so I figured this would be a good post to do that. 

The first item was this wonderful Zen tabletop fountain, that is perfect scale for Barbie. I was so pleased with it! I can do this neat diorama with plants and it will be perfect for the museum diorama I am planning . 

The 2nd item was a glitzy sling purse that Leslie explained is what you wear when you're room shopping at convention! Bling Bling!

The third item- be still my heart. Miniature purse and miniature Louis Vuitton shopping bag with scarf . It's so pretty packaged I am having a hard time un-packaging it. I do not know which doll will claim it, but of course the Agnes crew will claim it for their own, or my favorite Aggie will, I know her. 

This was the gorgeous back of that package.

I did do some room shopping at Club, as Leslie is one of the people working on the OOAK Convention for 2020. These are some OOAK dresses she was selling so I was able to snap them up for my Poppy Parker dolls at an incredible deal. That blue one is going to look wonderful on my bright red haired Poppy. 

Onto the new dolly arrivals......

First up is my Soda Pop Poppy Parker Registration doll. I did not go hog wild with my registration dolls this year. When she arrived I had meant to take her out of the box, and take some drop dead photos of her. That never happened. For some reason, I just loved looking at her in that box! They are doing the boxes differently now, with no ribbons tying them on the sides, which I really miss. It used to look like a confectionary hatbox, like such a present with those ribbons on the sides. It does still look like a candy box, which I do enjoy. 

Next up are the Lottery dolls giftset. 

The front of the box is a window box which is very cute. Their outfits are adorable. I am not that drawn to Darla Daley but then again, I never have. But she is growing on me, her outfit is so cute. I have never owned a Darla and some of the others have had a softer face mold than this one but she is cute in the lime green. So she will probably end up staying. 

The boxes match, I stacked them so you could see what I was talking about on the sides...

No ribbons- but they have a gold edge and an orange strip in the middle. I really miss the ribbon ties but they were probably expensive to produce on the boxes. 

All for now and enjoy!

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The grandmommy said...

All so drool worthy! Especially that designer bag!