Sunday, April 15, 2018

Va. Fashion Doll Club Titanic Tea

Today I joined some of my Va. Fashion Doll Club members for our club outing at the Historic Hanover Tavern  for the White Star Line R.M.S. Titanic Tea 
It was a traditional English High Tea with a historic program on the history of the Titanic, what happened when the Titanic crashed , the sinking, and the passengers, and some facts. The program was interesting, and many of the attendees attended the tea in full Edwardian /Victorian era dress, as we all attempted to do. 

My Va. Fashion doll club also brought dolls dressed in the era of the Titanic at our two tables. 

My doll is to the right, a Moods Poppy Parker, dressed in a replica of Rose's tea gown from the movie, smoking a cigarette. I made the gown and the cigarette. Barbara Carter brought the actual Mattel Rose doll to the left. 
Below is our first course  of tea sandwiches, 

Waldorf Chicken Salad on Pumpernickel
Shaved asparagus and Saffron cream on white
Virginia cured ham and mushroom tart

Below are
Chocolate painted eclairs with french cream
Raspberry sherbert iceberg
Cocoanut Sandwich

Don't let your dolls drown! Barbara, my tablemate, made all of our dolls lifejackets. So at the proper moment, all of us at our two tables put the life jackets on our dolls at the point in the program. 

My Teacup, all the invitees had different patterned teacups and saucers

The ladies to the left of us had full Edwardian costume, their hats were outstanding and HUGE. Their skirts, jewelry, coats, shoes were all historically accurate. They loved our dolls and our outfits. 

The ladies serving table were dressed in maid outfits that looked like they were from 1912. It really set the mood for the tea.

Throughout the program, we had historically costumed actors like the Captain, the typographer, the Countess, and some of the key wealthy personages of the Titanic walking about and talking to us at table. Their costumes, hair, jewelry were amazing. 

All in all, it was a wonderful day to step back in time. 


Farrah Lily said...

This looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing! I just went to "afternoon tea" at this cozy Teahouse where I live, so it's funny I should stumble across this. I love this ritual of stopping to enjoy tea with friends and it's nice that the dollies could join you, too! :)

Lisa Neault said...

Yes, it was alot of fun. And the Hanover tavern is a historic place where they put on plays and other events. It was an actual tavern that Patrick Henry's in-laws ran and where he helped with his wife , live and run and he practiced law across the street at the Hanover courthouse, the 2nd oldest working courthouse in the nation. The jail is still standing as well. It stand on route 301 which is the Washington-Rochambeau trail that they marched during the revolution and which was used during the Civil war through here, so it has a huge amount of history- I live about 15 minutes away. Next month they are having a Marie Antoinette tea.