Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June Meeting of the Va. Fashion Doll Club

The June Meeting of our Va. Fashion doll club met and we had what is referred to as a 'relaxed' meeting - everything was not so stressed since summer is coming and manner of us have alot of events to attend, vacation to plan for, and BARBIE CONVENTION AND INTEGRITY CONVENTION to plan for. lol. 

We started with lunch, browsing whatever sales everyone had brought, and our Young At Heart/Play presentation with Skippers, Scooter, Ricky and Kelly and Chelsea dolls at Play. The theme was to bring one or two dolls 'at play' for a larger picture for the newsletter doing something you yourself loved to do as a child. That was great fun to set up. 

Then it was onto our OOAK Doll workshop. Leslie had attended the OOAK Doll convention and did a project runway doll workshop. It used unconventional items to design a dress. Everyone used the same doll- a reproduction swirl Barbie, the same little white basic  dress, and everyone brought a basic sewing kit- scissors, thread, needles, and we were requested to bring E6000 glue. I did not have any glue and ran out of time with my busy schedule so just brought my fabric fusion glue. 
Leslie was able to snag some of those dolls, AND dresses and materials used at the convention and bring them to us. Since there limited dolls we paid for them for the club treasury for the funds to be used for our Christmas party. We did a raffle and drew lots as to who would get a swirl Barbie for the workshop and it worked well- those who hadn't brought a swirl and wanted one were able to buy one! 

Here are some of our photos of the fun-

Linda and Laurie hard at work on their creations. 

Janice, our Club vice-president, using the hot glue gun on her winning creation!

My doll all finished! That was hard work- on a time limit too!

Scarlett working on her creation....

And all the workshop dolls together......

The lovely doll in the very middle is Leslie's doll from the workshop that her friend Tom did. Her workshop doll was swapped with his, and his won at the convention workshop round. Here are all of our little lovelies gearing up for the competition round! Leslie judged the outfits. 

And here are the winners of 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, Honorable mention, and Best Effort.  

The Geppeto and Pinnochio dolls were done by Jodi and were her Show N Tell . She had won 1 st place at the Bradley Justice luncheon event in Durham, North Carolina in April and the theme was fairytales and she was one of four people who entered create your own fairytale doll that Mattel never created. They were astonishly detailed- Allan and Ricky as Geppeto and Pinnochio- so adorable!

Leslie's convention workshop doll by her friend Tom-

I think this was Laurie's doll....maybe Anna's?cannot remember

Great effort went to Linda...

I think third place went to Debbie?

2nd place went to Janice and 1st place went to Jodi. Jodi made all the pipe cleaner poodles. 

Scarlett's doll 

My doll...

After the competition we then played Who Am I? guessing game. We were each required to bring a pre-K photo of ourselves and put it on the board, no telling. 
After that we had to guess who was who on the board with slips of paper numbered. It was so hard! I only got two right. Only two people got everyone correct. 

Then it was time to browse Linda's doll room...and what Barbie room it is!

And that is just a little sampling of her delicious little Barbie heaven. Yummy. 

The meeting went on until the late evening hours of 6 pm! I didn't get home until about 7 pm! lol. I had been gone all day but had the most fun I had had in a long time until back to the grind. Already today has been a busy and hectic day. I still have my adorable little swirl and am thinking of taking my workshop dress and putting on a mannequin by itself in a little studio diorama /sewing room with Barbie as a designer on a project runway.  I'd like to use my swirl to dress in some vintage fashions. 

Hope you enjoy the pics!

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