Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wonder Woman Paradise Island Gift Set

This set arrived yesterday and is really remarkable. I think Mattel is finally getting it- if we pay $125 for something, they should be putting themselves over the top with packaging, bodies, just like their competitors Integrity toys and Hot Toys do. 

This set came boxed in an exterior box, then in two sleeves with Steve Trevor and Gal Gadot's faces on the back of the sleeves. The sleeves look like book ends when you take them off of the gift set which has a backdrop inside of the island! I have not de-boxed my set yet because I am so in love with it and may buy another set to debox. 
Here are some photos .

One sleeve has Wonder Woman's face, and the other sleeve has Steve Trevor's face. They are large enough when apart to put comic books, I'm assuming, or files in. Very neat.

The front of the huge box this was all in. It was made of thin cardboard in a golden color. 

The back of the box. It would be very useful to keep if you are a Wonder Woman fan. I am just enthralled with it. 

By the way, I saw the movie on Friday and it was fantastic. I highly recommend you see it. Gal Gadot is a fabulous actress and it raises the bar on this comic book hero. I liked Linda Carter in the 70's but it really explains Wonder Woman's originals more. 



Havilland Parker said...

I can't wait to get mine! It all looks so cool!

Little nit-pick, the Amazons themselves aren't goddesses, but I can see why someone might make that mistake. Just shocked it got through DC's approval. They are warriors that don't age. They are supernatural, but not goddesses.

Anyway, that's just my nerdism creeping out. Mattel put that on the Hipployta box and I was annoyed by that too.

Lisa Neault said...

Yes, I didn't catch that myself. Thank you for catching that because I myself didn't know much about the lore of the Amazons and find them interesting and fascinating, along with the Greek gods and goddesses. I am still attempting between doll orders to get enough $$ dollars to get Queen Hippolyte, the General and Wonder Woman in the bundle. I really want all the wonder woman editions.