Monday, June 19, 2017

Some new clothes for Barbie &Poppy Parker....

I haven't had many 'fun' posts and this is a fluke. I was recently surfing Ebay and found a favorite seller had posted some outfits and they arrived a week or two ago.I have just got around to taking pics of Poppy and one of my Model Muse basics wearing them. 

Barbie Couture  on eBay is very affordable and they also fit Poppy Parker. I have not tried them on my Fashion Royalty ladies but I think these fashions would be too slim. They would probably fit the Dynamite girls. I do recommend her as the clothes are very well made and she ships fast and in some cases has free shipping. 

I purchased a Fourth of July looking type long gown and a skirt /halter style blouse. I have been looking for some fashions for Fourth of July as I do not have enough red, white and blue outfits for that holiday. 

I paired each dress with shoes and a hand bag that I had in my stash. 

Each outfit is made of lightweight knit fabric. Barbie Couture uses a thin velcro or glue strip to fasten the backs of the her outfits with. The skirt on Poppy's outfit just has elastic at the top. The glue fastening will have to be fixed with snaps, as it does not stay closed. 

Poppy's bag is a Fashion Royalty bag by Integrity and her shoes are Mattel from a fashion pack. I love the way this outfit fits on her, she looks like she's ready for sight seeing or a cruise. 

Barbie's dress is made of thin stretch jersey cotton and has the glue line to fasten it. I wasn't pleased with this but do like the dress and I can fix that with snaps since it fits her and Poppy so well and the price was very affordable. I paired it with the Barbie Basics Target red and white shoes and a bag from my stash with red handles. Her silver earrings carries this really well. I should put some nautical jewelry on her to complete it, like an anchor necklace or something. 

Will post some more pics in a while. Going through my Barbie stuff and dressing dolls and sorting. 


Phyllis said...

Very cute outfits! I will have to take a look at her clothing as I do have quite a few Poppy Parker dolls as well as Dynamite girls and of course, the Barbie Model Muse bodies!

Anuj Agarwal said...

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Jewell said...

Thanks for sharing. I placed a small trial order and it arrived today. I will need to fix the Velcro closure on one of the tops, but I'm happy with the style and fit of all of my items.

Lisa Neault said...

Anuj, thank you for nominating my blog! That is something! I greatly appreciate this.

Jewell, glad you got your order. Other than some of the glue strip closures she uses, which can be fixed with a snap, the items fit very well. I only have to fix my ffourth of july dress .