Monday, May 15, 2017

Miss May Blossom -Custom Doll Project

In a previous post, Custom Doll Project ,  I had posted a few photos of my 2 custom dolls I had finished recently.  I have had time to take some more in depth photos of the dolls.

Presenting: Miss May Blossom #1 & #2 

Doll Specs:
Doll used- Barbie Basics City Shine Asian 

I customized and drafted a pattern strapless sheath dress which I then hand beaded with Czech glass beads in various colors of amber, gold, yellow, and green, along with amber Swarvorski crystals on a striking gold brocade. I used the dolls shoes she came with and decorated her shoes with the Swarvorski crystals as well. 

Her jewelry and earrings, and necklace were all handmade by me as well. I began this project in March, as these two dolls were going to be birthday presents for two very dear doll friends of mine in May. All of our birthdays are in May and we usually get together and have a 'doll-day' where we have lunch and just celebrate and exchange little gifts. 

I decided to take photos of the dolls before giving them away at our brunch, so here is Miss May Blossom staged. 

Miss May Blossom #1

Miss May Blossom #2

I have already started on my next custom doll, a medieval type of doll. Working on the bodice of the gown at this point. I have several ideas for customs so will be working to bring them about as soon as I finish each one. I have found it so relaxing to create dolls, and use the different skill set I have to make each costume to come about. 
Enjoy- Lisa 

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