Monday, February 27, 2017

Shopping at Tuesday Morning....

Before I attended the Doll show this weekend, I made the mistake of going to Tuesday Morning while on the way to Walmart. I was actually looking for Easter decorations. I should know better. I went down the toy aisle. 

I found the Barbie the Look City Shine AA doll for $9.99 so I purchased two of her. 

I have learned from experience it is always better to buy two or three of dolls like this at this price for gifts later on for my friends when holidays roll around and then I don't have to gift shop. They may already have her but then again, might not. I shop like this for the Barbie Look dolls which on the average, at full retail were anywhere from 19.99-24.99 when they were debuted or on Barbie Collector website. So I always have a gift ready for my stash around Christmas or one of my dolly friend's birthday. 

I also found the Wild Adventure Blue Box Deer Hunter and Fisherman , both for $7.99 . I loved their accessories. 

I love the antlers, bow, and bag. He looks so real! The price is fantastic too. 

Here is the bass fisherman. I love the trophy, the fish, the fishing pole, it is all so spot on. There are alot of tournament fisherman in the area here where I live and my husband used to tournament bass fish years ago. I might save this for a gag gift for our anniversary for him. 

So that is what you might want to watch out for at your Tuesday Morning, the City Shine dolls- I have also snagged the redhead, a hard to find one and the Asian back haired one as well already, but I didn't buy multiples. I may start looking at other Tuesday Mornings for the dolls so I can have some on hand. I wanted multiples of the redhead because I wanted to do a custom doll on her like my Steampunk Butterfly. These are perfect little dolls for that. 

Happy Shopping!


The grandmommy said...

Wow! Funny you should mention that. I rode past one Saturday but the person who was driving didnt have time to stop. I guess when I am driving I will check it out. Thanks, your dolls are great!

Lisa Neault said...

Stay tuned. I have more dolly finds as I went to a different Tuesday morning and racked up! That post for tomorrow morning.