Saturday, February 25, 2017

Richmond Doll and Teddy Bear Show!

Today I went to the Richmond Doll and Teddy Bear show. I took a few pictures, because I went on a buying frenzy. The only way I can explain it is I had a bag. I had brought one of those recycled bags, so I had to fill it. lol. 

No, this show they had fantastic please take me doll collector, please! those kind of deals.  

Also beautiful, soulful, antique dolls. I think my husband is glad I don't have gobs of money laying about or one of these beauties and their furniture would have come home with me. 

Yeah, I am prop whore. That antique gilded age salesman sample was making me slobber all over the display. Especially that doll with the pink on the right. The antique doll dealer was nice enough to point her out to me. Before I go further, if any of you are nuts about antiques, here is Chad Wilkinson more pics of his booth-

What I liked most about Chad after I asked to take photos was he was so knowledgeable about each and every one of his dolls and bears. They were in pristine condition and he knew all about the history of them. Such a pleasure to deal with. Below is his card with its contact info if you are interested in any of the dolls that you see pictured here in his booth. 

There were alot of dealers with Barbie everywhere...

That is my friend Karon gazing at one of the Audrey Hepburn dolls..We do the shows together with our other co-hort in Barbie crime and then we all have lunch. 

There was also the large booth that our Va. Fashion doll club does each year, made of several of our members who bring tons of stuff to sell. They have several tables and are always in the back.

Some of their vintage shelves...

They had a few shelves dedicated to playline and Kelly, Chelsea...

Back aisle /back of the booth. Even the shelves on the back of the booth are covered with stuff. 

This was the entrance on the booth, where inside you can see Nita on the left, and Laurie , two of our club members inside. 

This was the booths up near the front, selling a variety

Now for my loot! What did I buy, you ask? I purchased some great deals from our club booth. 

I got this wonderful BMR outfit with the Teresa doll from Debbie at the club booth. Karon had purchased hers for $10, I got mine for $18. I bought it mainly for Poppy. Always wanted this outfit. 

Also purchased this Twilight Victoria doll out of the box for $15. I am thinking she will make a great OOAK project for her skin tone and that hair. Medieval like or an angel thing going on. I know I know. I have so many want to do projects going on that haven't begun! Argh....

A little Kelly dress for $2 which is so cute and I have a Kelly with jointed knees it might look cute on or one of my bjd's. 

I got the chair from Leslie Greenburg, one of our club members and the zipper barbie case- adorable from another club member selling. Totally awesome. 

From another dealer Karon and I found these ladies selling these wonderful handmade gowns. I picked this one up it was $10 and it came with jewelry!!!

Afterwards we went to lunch at a little Italian place called Arianna's and pigged out. I am always so hungry and I really hate eating at McDonald's or fast food joints. I like somewhere that has a good menu and doesn't charge the same amount and the food is good. Karon got  a mushroom and steak sub and I got the philly cheese steak , they both came with fries. Marina got a pasta dish. 

So we had loads of fun, after a long hiatus of being sick- it seems everyone has been sick with the flu. Hopefully will be getting together again soon.

Enjoy the pics! Lisa


Vanessa said...

AWesome. It's been a couple of years since I've gone to a doll show. They had stopped having them in my area. Now they are about to start up again. I love the items you bought. I always forget that you are in Virginia. I kind of miss home (Alexandria), but not really. I was there in December so I will be good for a couple more years.

Lisa Neault said...

If you live in Georgia, there is a big action figure show in Atlanta called Joelanta held in Atlanta Georgia every year. Some of the most spectacular dioramas are there in 1:6 scale and when you register you get a doll or set if you go. They are open to the general public on the 11 and the 12th. This is something I have always wanted to attend, because you also get to tour the Cody Lane Memorial museum where the past dioramas are displayed- it is a huge action figure museum. It always happens around my and my husband's anniversary and he has promised one day to take me, lol.

This show was wonderful just for the amount of dolls there.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the info Lisa. I went to this show quite a few years ago. Haven't been back to an action figure show since. With us having about 4 doll shows every year (except the past two years) I always chose to go to the doll shows. Much more opportunities to find incredible dolly bargains. One positive about the toy shows is that I never spent much money. Lol. I guess that alone makes it worth going. But what's the fun in that. We also have a couple of really big miniature shows here, that I've intentionally stayed away from the past few years. I would choose the miniature show over the toy show, too. I'm always inspired by their dios and usually find some cool things to buy that can work for the 1/6 dolls.

If you ever make it down here for the show, let me know. I would go just to be able to meet you.

Kristina C. said...

I just went to my first doll show yesterday. My husband made it a family trip and drove my daughter and me 2 hours each way. We had so much fun! It was a huge show, I found a few great deals (NIB City Girls Astor, NIB J-Doll, & a Cami complete outfit) and even met someone from one of the Tonner groups on Facebook. It was really a great time. :)