Tuesday, February 28, 2017

More Shopping Deals at Tuesday Morning!

I made a trek into another local Tuesday Morning yesterday after going to the post office and hit paydirt. This was better than expected. I was able to get all Barbie the Look articulated dolls for $14.99!  Barbie The Look tea party has severe cuts on her box so I asked at the register about that and they gave me 10% off. It was about 1.39 off, but the box was damaged and looked like someone mangled it. They were not going to sell it for full price at any price looking like that anyway. I plan to debox her anyway. She is running $29.95 at Barbie Collector , I figure I got her for 13.60 with the damage to the box.Score!

The next one was Barbie The Look In the Jungle? I think, she is the one used alot on Barbiestyle on Instagram and is just adorable.

She's really cute re-dressed. I can't believe I got her for this price without having to pay shipping from Barbie Collector. She is still pretty high there. She is running on sale at $27.99 at Barbie Collector. 

She has some cool accessories and her face really is so cute and not sappy looking. I really like her! In fact I love of all of them. I think Mattel hit it out of the part with these look dolls that are articulated. 
the back of the box...

A closeup of the damage on the left of Tea's box and her accessories. She is so lovely. 

I also purchased Barbie The Look AA Night out. Her accessories and her dress, the whole ensemble, are stunning. This is one gorgeous little lady! At Barbie Collector she is running $29.95. I paid $14.99

Her face is really lovely with the updo, very elegant too. And the makeup accessories are wonderful. I love that dress!

After these three beauties, I found more basics the Look City Shine for $9.99. At Barbie Collector these little ladies are running $19.95

I don't have the blonde in my stash. She is lovely. I probably won't de-box her just yet. She may make a great gift for someone this Christmas or for my collection. 

I love the makeup on her face , she is really lovely. 

Back of the box. So far I have all four now...

Barbie the Look City Shine the Asian. I already have one of these but I purchased another as a possible gift for my friend Karon who loves everything Japanese. I might possibly make her into a custom doll for Karon with a Japanese flair gown. She loves anything like that and this doll has a lovely face. Karon collects mainly Fashion Royalty , Poppy Parker and Misaki but does love the occasional OOAK too. 

So that is what is waiting for you at Tuesday Morning! So get out there and get those deals!


D7ana said...

Thanks, Lisa! I sooo gotta find a Tuesday Morning out here. So gotta. Congratulations on getting those lovely dolls and at a deal too? Yay, Lisa!

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you D7ana! I could not believe getting the articulated look dolls for this much- especially the jungle and tea who I had wanted for so long and were holding their price point online!! I bought all three when I had the oppurtunity.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Have you seen the new Phyn and Aero dolls? Someone did a YouTube video of the booth here. To me, they're boring and look like something you could have bought from Wilde Imagination. I'd like someone else's thoughts, though!

Lisa Neault said...

Barb, I have seen pictures of them. I don't know what is going on with Robert Tonner's mind is all I can say. We had the beauty of Ellowyne, Evangeline, Tyler Wentworth, Deja Vu, and all the other highly creative beautiful lines. I can't say I'm impressed with a transgender playline doll and the other dolls he's come out with that is supposed to be an artistic improvement. I'm still going WTH??? The only one I saw that looked remotely interesting was the fashion model that had a vintage look to her that had a resemblance of his previous work. You're right, it does look boring.

I had an art teacher tell me one time, do what you do really well, superbly and stick to it. Be the leader and innovater in it. I admire him for expanding, but I think he should have gone out slowly into other venues, not destroyed 25 years of a company and reliable lines. Just my opinion.