Monday, February 20, 2017

Barbie Fashionista Curvy Girl #51

I have finally given into the 'Curvy Girl' (aka Fat Barbie) craze when I fell for this little lady while walking down the Walmart aisle. And who can resist her for $7.94?? I know, I know calling Curvy Girl Barbie Fat isn't politically correct but I'm fifty years young and can't get over the fact they made 

Here she is. She is so cute. 

Though I have had a couple of new dolls I just haven't taken their pics. This little lady is the first. Her dress is what made me want to take pics of my dolls again. I have just realized it's been almost two months since I have done a real scene or taken an interest in my dolls. It's amazing what being sick with the flu and work can do to you.

Here I have her staged with a Barbie Basics 02 Model Ken and a W Club Bon Bon Poppy Parker. They all seem to mesh together, and the variations in body types flow. I need some other dolls with different skin tones, and then it will look better. These two were just sitting around so I grabbed them. 

Here is the whole fashionista line of 2017. The Curvy girls really interest me the most. The petite ones are cute too. I was thinking of using them as fillers in my town, and cafes. I like this little lady alot. I want the one with pink hair so I might be going back to get her. 

I just wish, wish wish, they would give the curvy girls articulation. The only curvy girls to have this are the Harlem theatre singer dolls on 

Enjoy! Lisa


monstercrafts said...

I love this one! I love the new Barbie body types, and they have such a cheap price, so who can resist? I also wish they were articulated! Maybe instead of releasing tons of fashionistas they could make something more interesting, like an "style luxe" line featuring the new bodies.

Farrah Lily said...

I also love this one...she's so cute! I hope eventually they will make MTM bodies for the other bodies! I mean, they really do sell themselves. :)

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I like the new petite redhead with the "knit" cap, but I agree that it would be nice to have articulated bodies. And it defeats the purpose of different body types to rebody them to get articulation.

Lisa Neault said...

Monstercrafts, Farrah lILY, I agree. Maybe they could do a couple of popular ones like four of them in articulation with a higher price point in different skin tones in the MTM body with the chunky body. It would be simple, just require more plastic. Barb, the articulated the Harlem Theatre doll with the turban and she's curvy so we know they can do it. And she is utterly gorgeous.

I love this little lady but she can only stand in one position and well sitting, that's a no go. She's basically a mannequin like the silkies. Basically a filler for my town scenes. So having a chunky body with articulation would be so cool it would really say Mattel has arrived in their different body types.

TM said...

The curvy girls are fun! I also gave in to getting one from the Walmart aisle!

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

A lovely doll, love the more normal look. Very sweet. Pam

Vanessa said...

Before I comment on the doll, I need to tell you that I can not comment on your blog through Bloglovin'. I haven't been able to do it for at least a year. I have to come out, search for your blog, and then leave a comment.

Now on to the doll. Welcome to the world of the curvy doll. I just added another one, which brings the count up to four. I like that the arms are now more likely to be straight than crooked. I hope they are selling well. Maybe then Mattel will totally commit to them and give them some articulation. They really should consider a separate company or branch, that focuses on selling headless bodies. I think they would do well.