Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

We have some beautiful wild little spring flowers that pop up in the grasses in our yard when spring comes, which gave me an idea for an Easter photo with the lavender haired Moods Poppy this year. I never know what to do with her and Easter with its pastels seemed like the perfect time to dress her up with that candy colored hair. 

I thought this photo of my lavender haired Poppy amongst the little purple flowers that grow wild this time of year was enchanting, especially just before Easter. 

And now here she is with Mr. Bunny, having tea...

Happy Easter!~Lisa

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Faraway Forest Water Sprite!

Faraway Forest Water Sprite is finally here and I got around today to taking some out of the box pictures of her. As a Barbie Collector member, I had the oppurtunity to 'pre-order' her in a window from February 20-23, before the public did in a link on the Barbie collector forum, which I did. 

The information on this doll was very blurred. The first info I had was that her edition size was 4800, then, after I had purchased her, 5100.  On the pre-order, it said she would be backordered until March 15th, which I did not have a problem with, in fact that worked well with my finances. Pre-order to me means, March 15th OR around that time, in March, I will be charged, not in late February.  But like everything Mattel does, it is all wrong, and it will take them a while to get the nuances of what pre-order means and invoicing, and so forth. This is why I love Integrity toys. sigh. 

Water Sprite is well worth the wait and the headaches. I was afraid, very very afraid I had spent a lot of money on doll that was nothing more than playline Monster High. I was pleasantly surprised when she arrived. Like Haunted Beauty Zombie, her skin tone in stock photos will fool you. Depending on the background, her skin tone can turn a teal,can look more green than blue. It is hard to describe and hard to capture, which is why I chose white to focus all of her color on and let you decide for yourself. I wanted more greenery around her. 

I also included photos of her shoes here and her trident. She has such a beautiful face! Her hair is is a mixture of what appears to be almost mohair. I almost wish I had purchased that Mermaid Barbie a few years ago, to display with her. Her gown is lovely too. 

I am hoping to take more pics of her with Queen of the Dark Forest and de-box Lady of the WHite Woods to show them all together. I am so hooked on these dolls...I only wish I could acquire Forest elf. They are so lovely. ~Lisa

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Scarlett is wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's day today!  Here are some photos from the archives...

This photo is from the March Va. Fashion doll club meeting when we celebrated St. Patrick's day last year in 2015 with dioramas so I made a vignette 'croft' cottage and did an Irish breakfast with an Irish couple. Anya and Harley Ken are eating a full Irish breakfast I made. Anya wears a vintage Irish Barbie outfit.  

Janice's entry from that day...

and of course some Celtic dancers...

And some Irish Barbies from past years.  These photos except Scarlett are from 2015 March. 

May Irish BLessings rain down on you today....!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

One day late...Barbie's Birthday

I totally forgot to post yesterday on the holy of holies...Barbie's birthday. But it was understandable. It is also my wedding anniversary. 

So here is my tribute to the plastic goddess we all go broke for.  This is classic black dress redressed in Betty Draper's party gown and I took that elastic thing off her ponytail to let her hair fly away loose. She looks much better and at ease now. Here she is having her cake and eating it too. She's looking good at 57. 

I've been really busy with the auctions as well writing a 1:6 scale tutorial for contribution to an E-book for a writer who asked me to help, as well as getting photos together for Poppy and Ryan getting ready to meet Poppy's parents. I took those today and hopefully can get a blog post ready. I am thinking of making Poppy's parents severely disfunctional  as I re-write the type of Doctor Dr. Parker is- not a medical doctor but he holds a doctorate in Egyptology which is why he gets along with Uncle Giles so well and wastes money on digs and travel lecturing. He married Penelope, Poppy's mother, a debutante with a trust fund, related to the Baroness, which enabled him to devote himself to archeology without having to fund it to much the regular way with grants and paperwork, but networking with the rich and famous. His wife found it romantic at first but then devastatingly boring to be in the middle of nowhere digging for pieces and bits of broken pots as she calls it  when she could be shopping for the latest fashion with her cousins .Devoted to her daughters and family, she finds her husband's obsession with dead mummys amusing at best, infuriating at worst. 
 That's the background so far on Poppy's parents.  So I hope to be along with the story line in a bit. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Scooby-Doo & the Attack of the Zombie Bride!

I had some fun playing with the Gothic Mansion and Zombie bride today.

I did these photos up in picmonkey. Lots of fun. 

On another note, lots more auctions up in My Ebay auctions

I have shipped alot of the American Girl stuff that ended. But here is the new stuff listed.

Lots of new stuff and NRFB dolls, so keep checking my auctions. The big spring cleaning of the herd is on. And yes, at the top that is a Misaki, from the 2010 Ye-Ye collection. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sheri's Dolls...1867 Party Gown

Last weekend when I attended the Capital Doll Club show and sale, I brought home another doll. Not unusual for me, but what was unusual was it was a one of a kind creation by Sheri's Dolls, aka Cheryl A. Brown. Her one of a kind hand crocheted creations are stunning. My last post showed a bunch of stunning creations of her show table. 

Above are some samples from her show table on February 27th when I attended here in Richmond, Va. I wish I could have brought more home! 

The doll I purchased was 1867 Party Gown and she was at a rock bottom price because Cheryl was moving away from Virginia and did not want to pack up these dolls and move them with her. So I got her at a tremendous deal. 

1867 party gown is in a shamrock green with tulles of lace cascading down the front, so her entire outfit is not entirely crocheted, just he bodice and the train. I love what she did with her hair. The doll is a Model Muse basics Barbie, but her underskirts are entirely finished, with stockings trimmed with lace and green shoes to match! I may re-use her for a St. Patrick's day post in a week or so.

In her gloved hands she holds a bouquet of flowers and in the other a small fan. Cheryl even finished this doll with period appropriate jewelry! I think she will go perfect with my other Victorian styled dolls. 

The piano is a prop /music box from my mother's collection, though not perfectly scaled. I thought I would do something different prop wise with her.