Saturday, December 24, 2016

Santa Poppy wishes you a Merry Christmas...

Yesterday while I did the Gothic Mansion photo shoot, I redressed Out of this World Poppy Parker and put her under my snow trees in front of the door of the mansion. It had a great effect. 

I am doing this post a little early on Christmas Eve, as I may be busy today and tomorrow. There's alot of news in the doll world I would love to post about - namely Robert Tonner's recent announcement and I will be posting about that soon. I have some other dolls I will be taking photos of and posting here to wrap up 2016 with. So stay tuned. Lots of photos coming your way!

                                 Merry Christmas & Have A Happy New Year!



jSarie said...

Heh, she looks ready to take whatever holiday drama comes for her!

Merry Christmas! :)

TM said...

That's one sexy Santa! Merry Christmas!

Lisa Neault said...

LOL. Thank you and Merry Christmas!