Thursday, December 15, 2016

Reception A' Versailles Veronique Perrin- Final W Club doll of the Year!

Well the Final W club doll of the year was announced- Reception A Versailles Veronique Perrin  and not many of the W Club members were thrilled with her.

I like her, and I am a little disappointed in her. I love her makeup and hair, but the title makes the owner expect great things- especially when the storyline includes a reception at the chateau of Versailles. Her dress says cocktails at 6 pm, at the local bistro, not Versailles. There isn't even a case thrown in, just some grey and black undies and thigh highs. I love her shoes, and jewelry, but the dress is very cheaply done. 

Since I had to sell my Out Sass Vanessa earlier this year, I went and ahead and pre-ordered her. 

Here are her specs:

Item # 91391
Réception À Versailles
Véronique Perrin® Dressed Doll
2016 W Club Exclusive
Approximate Ship Date: May 2017
Limited Edition Size: TBA Dolls Worldwide

Doll Tech Specs: 
Body Type: FR2013
Head Sculpt: Véronique 2.0
Quick Switch Feature: No 
Skin Tone: FR White 
Hair Color: Red
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied

Her accessories are beautiful...but it annoys the crap out of me that this doll has not better gown than this with the serges showing on it and cheap fabric....and with a name like Versailles attached to it. Why couldn't they have made the storyline a masquarade ball and had her in a replica of Marie Antoinette's white gown ? That would explain having the party at Versailles in the storyline.  Then we could have had a beautiful case. Something that screams royalty on it. 

I am predicting since so many of the w club members are not liking her, they will want her when they see her re-dressed. 

All for now. Lisa


Phyllis said...

I was on the fence about her too, but did decide to pre-order her. I did not notice that the serger seam was showing until you mentioned it. That is quite a disappointment. Other than that, I actually like the dress! I am not a huge fan of some the over the top princessy type of dresses. I think she has understated elegance - if the serger seam wasn't showing!

Lisa Neault said...

I agree. I actually think she is quite lovely and don't get why most of the members think she is so blah or disappointing with her waves in her hair or her makeup. I do not like alot of bold make up like the silkstones who actually look cartoonish. Veronique is one of my favorites and the dress was a little disappointing given the title, I was actually hoping for an over the top doll. But I love her look just the same.

Farrah Lily said...

In a way, this reminds me of the dissapointment I've had with the "watered down" Holiday Barbies they've come out with these past few seasons. I agree that she is not quite as elegant as she could be! Her dress is cute, but yes..seems a bit dressed down. Pretty face and gorgeous hair, though!

Lisa Neault said...

Farrah Lily, I agree on the watered down Christmas Barbies! This year I couldn't believe what they did to them. Different hair colors, different gowns, different skin tones, wonderful- but really- plastic bodices on the gowns??? Can we say playline not collector? And they had the nerve to charge over $100 for all three and call it a deal on a Barbie collector email, even though they were giving you free shipping. I think of the beautiful Christmas Barbies like the one that came in the silver gown or the one in the Santa gown, with fur on it, and it is disheartening how much Mattel has gone down. I haven't purchased a Christmas barbie and just recently saw the 2015 ones in Tuesday morning which compared with 2016, are stunning in comparison. sigh.

I shall be glad to have this Veronique though. I know alot of people will be paying big prices for her on the secondary market even though they will not be liking her now, they will when they see her redressed.