Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Love, Life and Lace Agnes Von Weiss...Merry Christmas to me!

So my event doll, Love , Life and Lace Agnes Von Weiss , arrived just in time before Christmas and this was my Christmas gift to myself.  I had to sell a few of my Agnes dolls this year because of the medical bills except Concerto in M, my favorite, which I will never part with. I will be getting another one soon in the sister Moguls set in January- yeah!

I de-boxed her last night.  I haven't felt much joy lately in de-boxing my dolls but I did with this beauty. I am finally getting my happy back ...and it feels so good.  This has been a year from hell on so many personal levels I can't begin to explain. Looking at this beauty, she takes all of it away. I love her sulky expression. Personally, I love her Mess with me bitch expression. ( Dear Reader, I apologize for the profanity ahead of time here. But Agnes brings that cattiness out in us doll collectors. It is all meant in fun.) 

Something else that gave me surprise when I deboxed her was the number on her certification. 379 out of 1420!

My only problem with this doll is her shoes. I did not take a picture of them, they are lovely strapped heels, very well made, but impossible to put on. I put them on her feet but strapping them on is impossible. I honestly wish Integrity would not make these god awful shoes that require a magnifying glass and skeletal fingers to put on the dolls. A simple pair of pumps would have been fine in the toned satin to match the gown. Strapped sandals that have straps that come apart don't appeal to me. My Veronique convention doll's shoes had a piece that came off her gladiator sandal and her shoes I didn't even bother to put on when that happened. It really is frustrating to have these intricate shoes that are a bear to put in. I would much rather have the intricate gown than intricate shoes I can't put on the doll. Just my two cents. 

All in all, she is lovely. I hope that everyone who got her loves her. She is definitely a keeper. 

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