Friday, December 2, 2016

Dollhouse Display at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Festival of Lights

On Wednesday, November 30, my hubcap and I attended the Festival of Lights at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens which they have every year, starting November 25th. We are members and they also have special member nights, with tours of the historical house, and flute and harp concerts. We especially wanted to hear the harp concert that evening. 

In the garden's building where the library and classrooms and exhibit rooms are, the train display was there but the library houses the dollhouse display every other year.  This year I got some great photos. 

The tree in the library was lovely, with the little putz houses around it all lit up in the snow.

The church is by my talented miniaturist friend James Opher. He belongs to the Virginia Miniature Enthusiasts club that I used to belong to. 

This is the cross stitch or needlepoint house. It has been on display before and is truly remarkable because it is all 1:6 scale and for Barbie, and made from patterns. I can only imagine the time and work that went into this house. 

The Bartlett house, featured in the copy of the Miniature collector on display with the house. Below are closeups of the rooms

This house is often included in the displays every other year as well, it is an older house that has been lovingly restored and sealed with plexiglass and re-done. I love looking at it and how it must have stayed in the family down through the generations. 

I hope you've enjoyed the displays of the dollhouses, I have included as many as I could. The pics from my phone were better than the ones from my camera, the library was swamped and taking pics with my phone proved to be better than the ones on my camera. 


Ms. Leo said...

WOW! Truly great. I am looking at all your photos as I am supposed to be getting ready for work! I will have to look at them closer when I get home but I am impressed!

Lisa Neault said...

Glad you enjoyed them! This was just the dollhouse exhibit in the library, I haven't yet uploaded my photos of the train exhibit in the other exhibit rooms that the Va. train enthusiast club puts on each and every year here. I have a ton of beautiful photos of the light illuminations as well. I have been lazy on my blogging but mostly because of decorating the house and work, and the crazy Christmas season! Very little time for the dollies!