Sunday, August 7, 2016

Some Bespaq items on Ebay...

I have been making room here at the house and the storage unit and found some treasures, which I am beginning to list on ebay. 

The first, a Bespaq french tea table in 1:4 scale, sold overnight.

The Bespaq highboy is in 1:6 scale and is in mahogany finish. It has slight flaws in the staining but is in otherwise good condition. $99 
Click HERE for Bespaq Highboy

Next up is the Bespaq 1:3 scale Louis XV armchair damaged 
Click Here for Louis XV Damaged Armchair auction

This is an especially large doll chair, a little larger than 1:3 scale. It measures 18 inches high, 9 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches deep. It is standing next to one ofmy 26 inch high porcelain dolls and is from my personal collection. I used it to display next to an antique child's chaise lounge like they were having tea. It would be perfect for overly large BJD's that are larger than 62 cm or are 70 cm. This item is up on Buy it Now or Best offer for $120. 
Click Here for Victorian doll chair

How to make Miniature Millinery by M. Dalton King & Pat Henry is also on Buy It Now or Best offer. $25 
This book is a tutorial on how to make various styles of hats for Barbie, Gene or Tonner dolls and is quite in depth with sources for materials, techniques. 
Click here For The Art of Making Miniature Millinery

I will be listing some other items hopefully today, and maybe some more 'damaged' Bespaq on auction. So please watch my listings. 

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