Saturday, August 27, 2016

Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker- 3 day auction

I am parting with my Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker in a 3 day Ebay auction. 

Joyful in Japan Poppy Parker Doll on Ebay

Joyful in Japan is one of the dolls it breaks my heart to part with, but she must go on the auction block to help pay down the medical bills from when I was sick in April, May and June. That is why I have been selling so many of my dolls lately and been such a party pooper on my blog with non-diorama posts about boring things like selling. Though I have made a dent in the expenses and have played catch up, it is only a scratch in the surface. Hopefully there will be more lovely dolls to take her place and she will find a home with someone who loves her as much as I do. 


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