Monday, April 18, 2016

Va. Fashion Doll Club Easter Parade April Meeting....

Sunday was my Va. fashion doll club April meeting and the theme was Monument Avenue Easter Parade. Here in Virginia historic Monument Avenue is lined with of course, monuments of Southern generals, governors, and historic figures and for four blocks around Easter, it has been a historic tradition on these blocks lined with old, hundred year old homes to have a Easter parade all the way back to the turn of the century. This is one thing the club decided to do throughout the year, to celebrate places in Virginia each meeting. So Barbie and her friends were going to the 'Easter Parade' dressed in her best. Above are some of the photos of the dolls that were attending the parade in their Easter gowns. 

One of the things we were supposed to do was to bring a doll and make a hat to match an Easter outfit and we could also make a hat for Barbie's dog as well. Dogs and children also participate in the Easter parade on Monument avenue and it is wild some of the hats. Not everyone dresses up but everyone does wear hats! The dogs do too! 

I was asked to bring two of my backdrops to make it look more like an avenue, and I did, the old ones made out of foamcore and we propped them up on Jodie's dining room table. The meeting was held at Jodie's house! And she has been re-working her doll room- more pics of that later- as she has been working on her vintage Francie collection!!

We also had a workshop given by Marina and Anita who attended Convention last year and did the hair up-do workshop. Here is my doll which was an old Classique doll off of Ebay I bought for the dress. Her hair was really long. Now it looks like this-

We used hair gel, scissors, glue, pins, hair bands, to get the hair in place. It is amazing how the different dolls all came looking differently.

Jodie's workshop doll

                                     All the workshop dolls on the display 

We were encouraged to bring a doll we didn't mind cutting their hair, or messing up on or care too much about to practice on. Also we were asked to bring an outfit for the doll so we could take photos of them in their new hairstyles after the workshop was complete. 

The above photos are of Jodie's doll room. She's been doing some tweaking since the last time the doll club visited. The cool little disco setup is a Sears exclusive she purchased recently , a very rare vintage find she got from someone selling it on Facebook. It really has a radio in it and the lights go on and off like a real disco! She had all of her mod dolls in it to give it some life too. In a new seperate cabinet she had all of her Skipper, Skooter, Fluff and Ricky and Francie dolls- I hope I got some good photos of them. The SKippers with the Brownie and girl scout uniforms on - she told me the uniforms are from Ginny dolls!

Last are Marina's dolls brought to show and tell that I loved with the funny little moustache glasses on one of them, all dressed in black and white she did. I loved them. Thought they were out of this world cute. 

It was a really fun meeting- hoped you enjoyed the pics!~Lisa


Phyllis said...

Wow, so many vintage dolls! I just love the Easter Parade dolls and it was nice to see a Curvy Barbie in the mix too. You took a lot of pictures! Thanks for sharing them. They all turned out beautifully!

jSarie said...

Wow, Jodie's doll room is epic - what a fantastic assortment of dolls!

Muff said...

Awesome post and so many pics to drool over. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lisa Neault said...

Jodie's doll room is just ONE of the epic doll rooms of the members of the doll club. There are about four or five members who are hard core vintage collectors. They have amassed vintage collections that are probably worth well over 20,000- 30,000 at an educated guess. That's if you sold the dolls and outfits individually because vintage goes for big bucks nowadays. The shoes sell for $10 apiece. What they cannot find, they replicate to complete the outfit.

I myself am just beginning to plunge into my childhood 'mod' memories of malibu and twist and turn Barbie but am not sure I would want such a large vintage collection. I adore integrity toys and fantasy barbie myself, and action figures, and the 'play' of barbie. I still enjoy the fun of dioramas just like I did when I was 7 or 8 in the sandbox playing with the kid next door and his GI Joes and my malibu barbies. So part of me is beginning to collect the items I once had, but not sure I would want this large of a vintage collection. I'm more eclectic in my tastes. But it is certainly fun and nostalgic to look at.

Romona Jennings said...

I like the doll with the Marx mustache :). I love dolls, but no one else in my family does.

Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
I always enjoy these doll meeting posts you do! It so fun to see how others display their collections. I can't get over how many vintages dolls Jodie has..incredible! Does she have a doll blog as well? It must be nice for her to be able to share her collection with you all. I love seeing all of the different face molds she has. I REALLY love the 70s dolls!!! I know what you mean about wanting to collect the vintage, as I would like to own a few of my childhood ones, but definitely not all. :) It really does bring back good memories. :)

Lisa Neault said...

Farrah Lily, Jodie to my knowledge doesn't have a blog or flicker album. None of the ladies in my doll club that collects vintage feels the need to blog, which really blows my mind away. And they all have amazing hard core vintage collections, our president, Debbie has an astounding vintage collections, as well as the vice president, Janice, and the treasurer, Linda, owns a No.1 Barbie. It goes without saying these ladies own No. 2's, No.s 3's, and No. 4 Barbies .

What amazes me is they balk at paying Integrity prices for a high quality I guess it is all in what you love.

I too am beginning to 'dig' the vintage face molds and just treated myself to a vintage doll. Hopefully she will show up soon in a post when she arrives!