Sunday, April 10, 2016

Camel Coat Silkstone Barbie

She arrived on Friday...I just got around to de-boxing her and she is marvelous. It looks like Mattel tried to iron out the seams on her and fix some of the problems on the joints. She comes with earrings and a purse. Ialso included some photos here of my Barbie collector membership chair with Mops sitting on it.  Mattel had put a big ugly tag on it that I had to cut off and I still haven't got the residue tag off of the back of the seat which spoils the look of the chair. I like the black and white look of it and may look for others to match it. I know there are people who spray paint them gold but it is striking to see them black. 

The gold stands in this picture are actually candlesticks that I purchased at Goodwill for 1.25 and make great stands in this scene for flowers and a statue. They will be used in an upcoming diorama I am planning for much later, but look marvelous here- it looks like she is shopping. 

She is really a great doll and well worth whatever price you end up paying. I adore that little leopard skirt!


The grandmommy said...

I agree she is really sweet! I have some of those candle holders and others like it. Thanks for letting me see hat I could do with them!

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I bought two of those convention chairs from eBay and ripped the cushions completely off. Since I can sew, I'll make something nice that doesn't have a giant tag hanging off of it.

Muff said...

She actually looks better in person to me than in the promos.

Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
She's gorgeous! I think I like her better than the silkstone that just came out with the black dress. It's good to hear Mattel is doing a better job, quality-wise.

Lisa Neault said...

Despite all the drama surrounding this doll, I recommend her to anyone no matter what price she is- she is a wonderful doll and will look fabulous redressed. Her skin tone is lovely and she will look marvelous in ball gowns, cocktail , and because of her articulation, casual wear like jeans , tshirts, boots too. Muff is right- she is more stunning in person than in her photos.

Alot of the old die hard mannequin silkstone people hate these dolls because of their joints but this makes them more viable and useful in dioramas in my opinion. They look more REAL for goodness sakes. Silkies had got to the point they looked like cartoon characters with haute couture on. Especially the ones in evening gowns, I simply stopped buying those.

I was insanely happy at my goodwill find but the goodwill charged me 1.25 for EACH candlestick- can you believe it? instead of for the complete set. Either way I was pleased to get them both.