Saturday, April 2, 2016

Classic Camel Coat Barbie Silkstone- Not So Funny April Fool's...

For over a week, on we had the sneaks of Classic Camel Coat Silkstone, the 2nd in the articulated series. She's cute with the coat and the leopard, and there was even a pre-order period on 3/31 for Barbie Collector members. I ordered her and she is already backordered until April 5th. 

Even better, her price was $50 ! I knew what I was ordering, even if my next reward wasn't going into effect until April 1st. I decided to save my reward and not wait until April 1st, as from the wording, the public was allowed to order on April 1st and the members allowed to preorder. I figured at that price why wait. 

Well, Mattel pulled a fast one. She was ONLY $50 one day - 3/31 and then they tried to say they made a mistake with the cost and say her price is REALLY $75! on April 1st of all things. 

People swamped the phone lines. Mattel finally gave in and honored the original cost price of $50 but only if you called customer service. 

Just when you think Mattel is finally beginning to connect with the adult collector and is finally getting it....they pull something like this. It really makes me shake my head at how long they think they rely on playing with the loyalty of customers of a brand. Eventually we are going to end up like the poor 12 inch GI Joe guys with Hasbro. 

Right now she is on the site as Classic Camel Coat Barbie Silkstone and she is a whopping $75 . I don't really have a problem with the cost if they had advertised that ahead of time, but to change it or not word it correctly. 
They should have worded it- Pre-order 3/31 for Barbie Collector members only at $50 and to the public on 4/1 it will be $75 and that would have made being a member more special. Someone in the marketing department should be fired. 

When I placed my pre-order I knew something was wrong because I could not find the doll in the shop nor was there a pre-order link in the forum, as there was with water sprite, I had to do a search for this doll and she came up with the $50 price tag. I'm glad I didn't try to get her at $30 with my  $20 reward like the rest of the folks who are still arguing with Mattel customer service, even now. 

I have watched the Facebook groups and doll boards light up over this issue, which in some ways I agree with, and some I don't. No I don't agree with bait and switch, but if you're looking for something for nothing, -and this doll is worth way more than $30--- (which she would be if you used your $20 Barbie Collector 2nd quarter reward which was activated on April 1st, alot of people wanted to use that to order her with) than you assuredly need to lose out on the deal of $50 . Mattel royally messed up big time on this one, and in all reality, they should just eat it to keep their customer base. If they priced the doll at $50 she would sell a lot more quickly and there would be a loss, but I'm sure they would make it back on Glam dress who is coming out in April. 

And by the way---- I am not a big April Fool's day is one of the most hateful days of the year with the practical jokes. ~Lisa


Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
I don't like April Fool's Day at all either! I always have my guard up, lol. I just don't like practical jokes in general. I have to say though, I was cracking up at my little daughter's "attempts" at understanding and executing what they thought was an April Fool's joke, lol.
That is unbelievable about the price change from Barbie Collector. How unprofessional. I'm glad people spoke up, but yeah...they would be better off to keep it at $50 to avoid the bad feedback.

Vanessa said...

What a fiasco! Yes, they might as well have left her at the $50 price. They have plenty of Silkstones listed in that price range so, it wasn't too far fetched to believe she was that price. As for the people trying to use their reward, I disagree with you. They aren't trying to get something for nothing. That is the nature of the reward coupon. If you advertised the doll at $50 (without any caveats saying One Day only), and I pre-ordered the doll and my coupon went into effect, I should get that doll at the $30 price.

I'm not speaking about me. I haven't been a member the last two years. It's helped me keep my doll buying under control. It was so hard not to use that $20 coupon each quarter. Then of course, you have to buy more than one doll to justify paying for shipping. Once the shipping cost went up, it was easy for me to say, I'm bowing out for now.

jSarie said...

Wow, what a public relations mess they created for themselves! I'm glad they're honouring the listed price for people who ask for it, but it's a shame they don't have someone proofing their communications to prevent that kind of thing.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

The doll side of Mattel's operations seems to have serious issues. I don't think Mattel is handling its recent setbacks well, and it may just set the company back further.

Muff said...

What a douche move! Someone's getting fired.

Lisa Neault said...

Farrahlily, yes, I hate the whole April fools' joke thing...and the fact that Mattel pulled it on its customers just seemed well, cruel, and awful for those that DID want to use their reward.

Vanessa, I see both sides like you. Those that did want to use their reward- and wanted to wait until the general public day- that is a reasonable assumption, and not pay the full $50 and it is reasonable to think she is a $50 doll price range. I think Mattel is dumbing us down to believe a doll should not come with a purse and earrings, etc. anymore. I also think they should continue to eat it and offer it at the $50 dollar price range instead of that inflated cost.

Someone pointed out on the forum that when Mattel does another sale at 25% off she will still go but at so reduced price that they will literally GIVE her away, and they will wish they had kept her at $50 and sold out of her. Which I thought was a good point. They can still lose money on her with this fiasco.