Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday morning.....

It's the early afternoon, but all morning I have been sorting and going thru my doll items. Earlier in this blog I had written a post the difference between hoarding and collecting....I'm beginning to think I am a sometimes hoarder, judging from all of the dolly stuff my dolls have. 

Here are some pics of LaBelle's and the patissiere coming along.

I thought since fall was coming, I would do an all weather raincoat, travel luggage, umbrellas, and in honor of Scotland voting for its independence, throw a bit of plaid in there. The small red white and black plaid purse with scottish terriers on it is handmade by me from My Scottish Lassies collection last year. The interior of the bakery is ok, but not quite there yet. I have more tables and chairs to spray paint on this, and that might have to wait until I get everything sorted.
Speaking of sorted, here is some eye candy-

Icleaned out a plastic set of drawers and have moved them in.One is for stands, that is deeper,the other is for dishes and foods, beneath the stand drawer,and the top one is shoes and purses. By no means is this all of it! Havingto sort some of it like this because the Rement is in tiny bags out of its boxes. 

have more, to post, but am still sorting dolls into bins so I can begin to organize the dollhouse. Have a great weekend!


Smaller Places said...

The "stuff" is the spore left by good ideas as they trail through.

It accumulates because there are usually more good ideas than immediate time to execute said ideas.

I am (still) in the midst of reorganizing, so I feel the hoarder pain.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great bakery. Awesome store. Keep in touch

Night Owl said...

The store looks very realistic, lovely! I love the bakery too :-), great work! Thanks for joining my blog too, I hope you'll enjoy your visits (and the progress on the dollhouse :-) )

Lisa Neault said...

Smaller Places, how right you are! I had 'big' ideas for dioramas when I acquired most of the rement, furniture, etc. (that's why I have a box full of McDonald's barbie playsets. that was a very large diorama)

Thank you Marta!
Night Owl, liked your blog! You have a diverse collection like me. I gave up my Tonners and Ellowyne and my Genes as there wasn't room with the bjd's and I had acquired a Sybarite- the cadillac of dolls and would love to have another- but where to put them and their champagne tastes? LOL...I love watching how people build their dollhouses, as I have wanted to do a 1:3 scale house for my american girl dolls...right now the 1:6 scale divas have taken over...