Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Progress has been made! I can see the window!

Looking good from here. The little desk to the left was my old desk in my room at home when I was in middle school. Little table stand will probably go to the side of the window, I am going to try and keep the vent clear underneath the window. Light switch is behind the dollhouse. Already planning to get some curtains or sheers and a valance and tie backs. 
Onto more pictures of (shudder) what I have to move now to rearrange the room.

These three photos show the horror of the doll shelves. Dolls and props stacked. I had to put stuff on shelves as my town was mostly on the floor in a u shape. Now in order to get to the chest of drawers and move it, I will have to get the bakery and LaBelle's moed to the side along with my trees, then take everything off of those shelves to move them. I might use them both on the opposite wall as I have a ton of props that need resting places. The chest of drawers will be for temp dioramas and photo pics. I'm thinking of top and bottom shelves for boxed dolls and props that are not used much, middle shelves for unboxed dolls on stands waiting for a diorama. 

I want to thank everyone for the positive comments- I really felt somewhat shamefaced to post these awful photos-- 'doll room gone wrong' lol....glad to know not everyone has a pristine doll room like some of my friends. It frankly amazes me at some of my collector club doll friends who have pristine glass cases, a few dioramas on their shelves, and the dolls on their proper stands, not laying about. (guess my dolls are just lazy like me, lol) Nothing out of place, and plus the doll room looks like a page out of Architectural digest to boot, with fresh fruit in the bowl on the coffee table with barbie collector magazines put in a perfect semi circle ....Though what is now my doll room is not 'designer' quality Ilove it. It is my stepdaughter's room when she was small before she movedinto a larger bedroom more 'teenager-ish'. It is right now my haven and like its own little kingdom with dolls here and there. Hubby came home today and loved the window being clear. Going to try and stick to my resolve of organizing this room...and after all...Christmas and thanksgiving are coming so I am going to have to move the props and dolls now aren't I? lol..

Thanks again everyone for your support and hope you enjoy my ghastly photos of my doll room mess organization progress!


Phyllis said...


Your doll room looks pristine next to mine! Look at my introductory post at:

I am trying get things organized too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, great you made progress! I bet that your collector club friends have a secret messy dolly room somewhere in their house with a big lock on it ;-D. My room looks way much worse than yours too, like Phyllis's room apparently :-). By the way, your blog really got me inspired to make a 1/6th scale dollhouse too. I wanted a 1/12th one, but now that I have discovered your blog, the idea of a larger house really appeals to me.

Lisa Neault said...

oh wow, I am relieved that everyone did not run from their computer screens at these photos. I made no progress today, too busy.
Phyllis, glad you are on the organizing kick too- I will check out your blog!
Night Owl, I had a bunch of 1:12 scale dollhouses, I only have two right now left, and I use them for my tiny bjd's and my vintage dawn dolls. I sold alot of my dollhouses. 1:6 SCALE is just more exciting and challenging- plus all of my beautiful dolls look so REAL compared to 1:12 scale dolls who usually cannot be posed or their clothing cannot be changed. Children's dollhouses for Barbie can be altered to look more 'real' with spray paint, textured paints and papers. Plus, they can be picked up cheap at yard sales, thrift stores and on ebay. I really encourage you if you have Barbies and Fashion Royalty dolls and action figures- in many ways 1:6 scale has more scope for play and fantasy than 1:12 scale.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Lisa for your advise and tips :-) !

Lisa Neault said...

Night Owl, you're welcome!