Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Almost done- Doll Room organization progress!

I have had a great morning, no, a GREAT DAY today.I have accomplished so much in my doll room. Much better pictures- not complete, but the massive work of moving items side to side is almost over with. 

This morning I went and purchased a 6 ft folding table for the dioramas that were on the floor. Now they will be on the wall as you enter the room, with the plastic bins of extra dolls underneath, the dollhouse in the middle, another table for temp dioramas and photo ops and my two sets of plastic crayola shelves - one in front of each other for deeper shelf space for dolls and props. The room is coming along. I also went and stopped by Michael's and purchased a roll of that blue sky cloud paper. It is 4 ft wide by 8 ft long, and that is applied to the wall with packing tape. Here are some photos so far of my progress. 

I have one little corner without cloud paper, this is extremely hard to unroll and tape at the same time. I may hide that part with trees and foliage. So far I have the bakery/patissiere on the table along with my contractor tiles and cobblestone sheeting for the sidewalks. I straightened up LaBelle's and took all of the old displays out which were done way early in this year. I am really hyped about this and hope to have more progress photos for you by this evening or tomorrow!

More incoming props in the collection for the Chateau Project. I sold many of these 1:6 sets of Bespaq bedroom furniture long ago, in 2008 when I first began selling.Unfortunately, I sold the walnut and mahogany. Recently I was able to snag four pieces from a private collector- a mahogany armoire, night table, chair and vanity table! Thank you Twisty! 

As you can see, Louis is quite happy! For storage purposes, I may keep these pieces in LaBelle's when not in use and that can be a large salon for the two of them. Now that we have Marie Therese, and the Princesse de Lamballe, it will look normal for them to be in a room together. 

More dolls are incoming- I am literally being pelted with dolls! I have ordered Mistress of the Manor from Barbie Collector and she is backordered until October 1st. Today I am expecting two club dolls from the W club- Victoire and the online Event doll Agnes! Convention will be here next month and then- more dolls! 

I haven't been adding many items to the Etsy store as I have been so busy with working on the doll room. I still have way more work to do, but it's such a feeling of accomplishment after so much clutter. Feel like I have made headway so I can enjoy my dioramas now. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi, the wallpaper is very pretty, it looks very good! The furniture is beautiful too :-)