Sunday, September 28, 2014

Having fun in the Dollhouse....

Since I have been sorting and tidying the doll room, I have been having loads of fun.  Yesterday I did a little photoshoot and finally had time to catch up on which dolls are part of the 'families' of my doll town. 

Here are Giles and one of my Victoires playing chess. The chess set is magnetic, and was made by a friend of mine for a swap I did on a miniature forum years ago. 

Agnes, of course is attending to correspondence, planning one of her never ending parties. I'm wondering who it is in honor of??? 


Maybe for her sister, Online Event Agnes, who just arrived. 

* I have had a few moments with this doll. She was not immediately deboxed and it was not until I went to the W Club forum did I completely understand the email the W Club admins sent explaining about the 'new' body which is supposedly has the ability to switch out her head, arms at the shoulders and elbows, and even her torso. I have not took her apart nor have any wish to, but am curious. Just a heads up out there, the FR AND THE NUFACE will begin to have this type of action figure body. *

Anyhow, since this Agnes looks so much like my favorite, she will be Agnes' baby sister. Victoire, Monte Carlo, will be the Dowager Baroness and Giles will be her baby brother, the oddball of the family who followed the family tradition of becoming a 'watcher'. (can't leave his Buffy the vampire slayer out of the picture- I loved that show) I might have to come up with a mother for Lady Agatha, my black haired Agnes Von Weiss..who is Agnes' cousin, lol.

I still have Grand Seduction Victoire to debox, so that might become Agatha's mother and the Dowager Baroness' other sister. 
Some more pics of shopping at La Belle's. I used the new Agnes' outfit for my autumn windows and it turned out looking good....

Iused some of the mahogany Bespaq in the shop for looks really good.The vanity I took the mirror off and made it into Agnes' desk.

I went through all of my dolls yesterday...and I have alot! I have wanted to get the set ready for halloween photos, but that may be hard, as I still have a few things to prepare for the FR Convention at the end of October.  I have an idea what I want to do with Mistress of the Manor coming, so I may do a few different shoots with that particular doll. I have a stack of Twilight dolls that need deboxing if I intend to use all of my vampires. 

And, recently, I received 'Midnight in the Dollhouse' a very good book off of Paperback Swap . 

For those who have never heard of it- it is a great place to swap your books with other members. Accounts are free, and there are restrictions on what you can post- as to condition of the books- no books with mold or water damage, that have highlighter or notes written in them, and so on. They also have DVD and CD swap, which I belong to as well. You are only out the cost of shipping the book to the person, and then you get a credit when the person receives their book to 'shop' for books of your choice. If you are looking for a certain book, you can put it on your wish list and they will notifiy you if it is available- and then you use your credit to buy it. I have just begun listing alot of books back on there as I would rather get credits for more books than just give these books away or sell them at a yard sale. I love to read but it can get expensive. One of my pet things is books about dolls or dollhouses, and I have some gems in my book collection- The Dolls House by Rumor Godden, The Dolls' Christmas by Tasha Tudor- Racketty Packetty House by Frances Hodgeson Burnett, and more. I loved these stories as a kid and still do now. I also have A is for Annabelle which is how my reproduction French Fashion doll got named. 

If you'd like to join and see my profile, here is my link to my Profile on 

Have  a great weekend!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great chess game. Lots of fun. Awesome furniture. I like the outfits your dolls are wearing. Keep in touch

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa! I want to see more of this family and of your dioramas!
the idea of the Baroness Dowager is really intriguing.
looks like reorganizing has got a invigorating effect!

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Marta! Billa it did! It rejuvenated my creative aspect and why I enjoy dioramas so much. You wuold not believe the clutter I was dealing with- somethings I thought I had lost and literally found piled in boxes or with other dolls- it was amazing. It is amazing how clearing up can make your mind begin to work. I had always wanted to create Agnes' family and backstory, and this spurred me on, especially with new dolls coming in. I am also considering renaming the town from Barbietown to something more in keeping with the manor and the dolls' storyline.

Night Owl said...

Wow, it's busy in your dollroom, so much activity of your fabulous dolls :-). Lovely pictures!!!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Night Owl!