Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New miniature foods listed in my Etsy shop!

I have listed more miniature foods in my Etsy shop (link is above this blog post in the Etsy widget, click on it) namely, three new 1:6 scale bread boards. All of them are different, and each comes with a wooden bread board , stained. Each are priced at $10 with free shipping in the USA. 

I also have moved into larger doll scales of foods and am having alot of fun creating in 1:4 & 1:3 scales. 1:4 scale is generally for dolls that I consider too slim/small for the 1:3 scale foods, such as Sybarites, Tonner dolls, Avant Guards, Ficon bjd, Inamorata fashion dolls, and slim bodied fashion dolls- their hands are far too small to look in correct scale next to 1:3 scale foods. The exception would be MSD sized bjd's who are meant to look like young children and not adults, both scales would fit them. 1:3 scale is generally for dolls such as My Twinn, American Girl, Our Generation, antique dolls, SD & MSD sized bjd's (dolls measuring 18-24 inches in height.) I am also experimenting with creating foods for dolls 68-72 cm bjd's who more or less are 'larger' slightly than 1:3 .  For now, I will post some pictures here of the larger scale items in 1:3 & 1:4 that are listed in the Etsy shop now. 

*NOTES to my Customers!  
I will probably not be listing any of my miniature foods any longer on Ebay either on auction or in my Ebay store unless it is s a special auction listing. For now, the store has no auctions or listings on Buy it nows at all, the ebay store is empty. One reason is eBay is not a viable place for me with its insane fees and restrictions and feedback policies on its sellers. I will be listing my miniature food items at reasonable prices on Etsy from here on in. Some large scale food items such as the 1:3 scale items may not have free shipping due to size and weight and they need to be packed securely to guard against damage, as well as obviously it takes more product, time and materials to create realistic foods in this scale. I will still be doing commissions, which are currently open. 

Onto the pictures!

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