Monday, May 12, 2014

Catching Up, Belated Happy Mother's day..

I am catching up on this post which I had planned to do yesterday but completely forgot about, even when I had taken the photos early yesterday morning. I am afraid Mother's day this year reminded me more of the fact that my mom passed last year, (among other unhappy associations from the past with my own personal experiences with my stepdaughter) so I am not a fan of 'Mother's day' per se. In essence, I believe every day is a day you should honor your mother as well as your father, since their time here is fleeting- and many of us seem to forget that and think our job is done taking Mom to Shoney's or Cracker Barrel. My own unusual position as a 'stepmom' has its own story of ups and downs, extreme moments of pride and love, as well as deep hurt & pain- and others most currently where walking away is the best decision you can make. From my own personal viewpoint, it takes more to being a mom than giving birth.

Here are the belated photos- of my Prince William and Princess Kate holding Prince George. I had a toddler with brown hair that looked like Prince George and was all set to make him his little white onesie with the sailboats on it like this photo of Kate & George-

However, I had to use sunshine family Steven with blonde hair in his diaper for George. That yellow dress from one of the Seasonal ITBE dolls is perfect on Kate. She had her head transplanted to a Dynamite Girls body. 

 I am really pleased with how the photos resemble them. Now I will be on the hunt for a baby of suitable size with brown hair for Kate and WIlliam . 

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