Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hogwarts' classroom in 1:6 scale

I have always enjoyed most of the Harry Potter books and the movies. When I first began into the hobby of dollhouse miniatures in 1;12 scale, magical and witchy roomboxes, castles were 'it' and still are. There are a wide array of miniature collectors such as Sally Wallace and her Hogwarts Castle created by Rik Pierce that are famous in the miniature artisan world. 
I recently have been trolling ebay, and noticed a doll that looked like Hermoine. Upon closer searches, I found Mattel had made in 2001 and 2003 replica dolls of Harry and Hermoine in 8 inches high and 12 inches high. (the 12 inch dolls are very rare and hard to find) She was incredibly cheap, and so I purchased her. I plan to acquire the Harry Potter doll as well, and will probably have to make my own Ron Weasley and Draco. Today going thru my miniature items - some I have made some I had purchased, I put together a classroom scene. Elphaba is stepping in for Professor McGonnall.

The school desks including the teacher's, are all from Ebay. I made the books with leather and snakeskin covers as well as the dead plants near the owl cage. (I may paint that black.) The owl was made by a miniature artisan in the UK several years ago. 

The owl cage is actually a 1:12 scale free standing birdcage but works as a tabletop cage for 1:6 scale. I made the dead plants and weathered the little Lemax gargoyle statues. Hermoine is jointed and has a magnet on her hand which allows the little owl's legs to stay in place on her hand. The hand is originally probably made to hold a wand. There is a little handle on her back that her hair covers up that moves the arm up and down. Her knees are also jointed as are her elbows- a really great 8 inch articulated doll! I can hardly wait to get Harry. This has spurred me on to think of creating mandrakes in 1:6 scale, dead plants, and spooky books like I used to. 
Incoming dolls update- right now Broadway Magic Jem is coming as is Dasha, and Spooky Sooki- the Return as well as yeah me! Haunted Beauty 2 the vampire. I have been so inundated with dolls it is hard to remember what arrives and leaves! BUT I am enjoying my haunted dollies immensely- I just wish I had far more time to do the dioramas I love doing with them!

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