Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More new dolls & Catching up!

I have finally waded through my schedule of 'hell' week where I had very little time for the dolls other than to take quick photos of the dolls out of their boxes after they arrived. After Haunted Beauty vampire arrived-squee! (I missed out on Ghost last year!) Purity Dasha and Broadway Magic Jem with her stage arrived- and they are still in their boxes. But FINALLY- Sooki Returns arrived and I simply adore her! She has such a sweet face. I think I might go ahead and try and find Spooky Sooki to be her twin or cousin. Here are some pics ofher below- Count Dracula and Haunted Beauty will be her parents. I am really thinking of doing a Haunted castle in Barbietown with an Addams family 'spin'  on it. Some of my favorite shows were the Addams Family, Scooby- Doo and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. 

I think she has similar skin tone to Haunted Beauty- they just have a 'family' resemblance going on to me. I love them both. This is a case that is happening more often with me- the promo pics don't do the doll justice until she arrives. 
I have used a past weekend day to take stock and inventory the dioramas and the dollhouse. One reason is I want to decorate for the holidays- Halloween is almost here and then Thanksgiving and soon Christmas! So I am doing a little re-arranging to make room for the new dolls as well as get the holidays rolling for Christmas and Thanksgiving decor. Here are some photos of my progress. I worked a long time on the dining room in the dollhouse which was hard on my knees and back! Forgive my pictures being out of order, I am having a hard time with blogger today. The other photos are of the diorama room, so I have some major tweaking going on, as the Scrapbox studio diorama needs to come inand I am attempting to find room. I would like to do a major Christmas shopping scene in the town so everything needs to be just so. I have alot of work to do on all of the store/shop fronts. My shelves are so messy with the little bits and accessories so scattered. The dining room needs its Christmas tree and pictures on the walls, I might go thru the stash and either make some as I have some nice photo frames that would look good in this room. I think it also needs a door to give it depth as well. More to come!

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