Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vintage, Vintage....

As my last post I blogged about some dolls leaving Barbietown...this year thanks to the W Club and Mattel I have been over tempted and pelted with dolls, though space is becoming an issue. So some things I would prefer not to leave Barbietown, simply must as I am determined to pay down much of our debt. Running two businesses as my husband and I do, in an economy, sometimes you have to step back and catagorize what is really important.  I think all doll collectors at one point look at their doll displays and doll rooms and are shocked when they began to count the dolls, props and other items we acquire in the 'heat of the moment' buy....and when I began to do the tally on dolls, it hits home. 

Which brings me to this little gem, the Barbie Fashion shop. Vintage. Oh what a dream. I was never lucky enough to own this, and neither to my knowledge, did my aunt, who was 11 years older than me. My memories of playing vintage Barbie with aunt Gayle are treasured- she had the Barbie foldup dreamhouse, ponytails, bubblecuts, and wonderful flocked vintage Ken. (I grew up with Malibu and mod barbie- blech on fashion ) Since my mother worked, I was picked up from school by my grandmother and I would get home a little before my aunt came home from high school. The usual routine was this: 1st relax watch Batman and eat fritos or potato chips and onion dip 2) change out of school clothes and if there was time, pull out Barbie and play 3) usually hope mom didn't come home early from work so I could play Barbie longer and Grandma would make me maccaroni and cheese(my favorite) 

So playing wtih my aunt's Barbies sparked two lifelong passions- Barbie and fashion dolls as well as potato chips and onion dip. They are both alike- you can't stop at just one!
I have this item up for sale in my ebay store with a Buy it Now and best offer too. It is a very large item to ship. vintage Barbie fashion shop
This item is in extremely good condition considering it is made of cardboard and has very little play on the doors of the cabinet or the model doors. vinyl curtain is intact. Graphics are still bright, some wear on edges of cardboard. Plastic on window is intact as well. Only missing its yellow flat floor piece and the cardboard mannequin, I can include a template of a friend's so you can create your own if you wish. The chairs look like new. I really wish I did not have to sell this grail item but need to at the moment. I found no evidence that tape had been used on this item at all, a rarity on the vintage Barbie items.

I have shown my vintage Midge with the shop, but she is not for sale.

So here are some photos, I hope you enjoy them!

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