Saturday, October 29, 2011

Challenge 4: Jungle print wear at the Annual Tea part at Villa Hanbury

Challenge four of the International Fashion Royalty Jet Set Diva flicker group was the annual tea at Villa Hanbury wearing animal prints. (Mind, I have no idea where alot of the photo challenges are set, but it is fun imagining myself or my doll there.) This challenge I was a little challenged- especially on animal print wear. I then remembered this lovely chaise in leopard I had, and went from there since Photobucket was being agreeable today...I also felt like Daria was being a little rebellious- or rather I was-- and I decided on a decidedly Humphrey Bogart approach to this whole animal prints tea as you can see above. I don't blame Daria at all for looking bored...and the next challenge has just been posted, which phew! is a lot easier. Enjoy the photos!

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