Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tiny Bjd's 'rent' a home...on Strawberry Hill.

Hi All. Dixie here.  Well, me & Maizie have been helping Minuette with her sweet shop, and it's been a hit. She is thinking about expanding to fresh breads & cheeses, and pastries, & having one of us run that shop next door to her candy & sweet shop, if her cousin in Florida will front the candy, er cheese. But that's another story. We tinies were tired of sleeping on the big dolls' bed. So with all the miniature real estate that abounds in Miss Lisa's house, we asked the Mad Hatter, Tarrance, our realtor, & he said he knew of a family of dolls that wished to rent out their large home Miss Lisa rescued from a yard sale a few years ago & fixed up for them. They are  a large family of what Miss Lisa calls "artist' dolls and resemble peg wooden dolls. The house is so big it has a name- Strawberry Hill Manor! I'm here sitting in the parlor right now, and though big, it is cramped, but perfect for us tinies. Miss Lisa said I should speak to Miss Elizabeth Woodenhouse, & work out the rent and details with her.

At first, Minuette & Maizie didn't know how we were going to pay for it....& then they found out Miss Lisa had said it was important, because ANOTHER TINY was coming home in a few months from Denver Doll! A RealPuki Soso!
                      Maizie: ' another TINY! Is she serious???
Minuette: We are still living in my shop...
ME: Look guys, This Woodenhouse lady is really nice, Miss Lisa said we could stay there if it was Ok with her..
Minuette: Is there room for another tiny??
Maizie: I'm tired of sleeping on the candy shop floor
ME: So am I...what do ya think?

Minuette: Is it furnished- are there beds?
ME: Miss Lisa has enough to get us started, remember, some big dolls are leaving the dollhouse room tomorrow.
Maizie: LET'S DO IT!
So onto Miss Woodenhouse we went to meet with .....

Needless to say, we met with her in her parlor. It was cramped and not as modern as we had hoped. For one thing, they don't have any electricity!! Candles everywhere....Mrs. Woodenhouse explained her family was simply too large now to accomadate them comfortably. The rent was quite reasonable, and she said with Miss Lisa's approval, we could make any alterations we wished. The family had moved out and left what furniture they wanted to, Mrs. Woodenhouse left us the key and suggested we tour the house today to decide what would be needed. With that, we all decided to explore the house, which has three stories, plus two attic rooms that had been converted into children's rooms. I decided to check out the right attic bedroom first, since it was furnished.

It was filled with toys, and antique nursery wallpaper. Miss Lisa thought the new Tiny would like this room since she was a little young. I agreed with her on that.Minuette could sleep here now until we furnish her room.
Minuette checked out the 2nd floor rooms, while Maizie checked out the larger bedroom, which we would be sharing.

Miss Lisa explained the brass bed was someting from her childhood dollhouse, and she wouldlove it if Maizie & I used it. Her mother made the tiny yo yo quilt and pillows on the bed.

I checked out the kitchen, which made me a little I started a banana pie

There was another problem that Mrs. Woodenhouse & Miss Lisa forgot about- this house came with ALOT of animals!
We counted three dogs right here. Minuette 'found' a pet owl in a huge cage in what was supposed to be the night nursery right next to our bedroom!

Miss Lisa later explained that the owl had been created by an artisan friend in England, and was made for this cage. Minuette thought the owl would make a great pet for the Realpuki coming, and make her feel at home.
All in all, it isn't that bad of an old house. I see why Miss Lisa likes big old houses, the older the better. We tinies like it too, & Miss Lisa said she would look for some more up to date furnishings for the kitchen such as a modern stove . She is planning to really re-do her very very FIRST dollhouse her dad built her, which would be more to scale for our more comfy furnishings and has a closet for our Christmas decorations as well, and her beloved Rement. Soon the Woodenhouse family will want to  move back in, so we will just be here temporarily until the new project of the really old dollhouse is redone.
It's going to be really nice living here, and enjoy the pictures!

Author's note: Since Dixie did not have her laptop, Lisa transcribed this into the blog for her...*

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