Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More of Strawberry Hill Manor dollhouse...

So as promised, I took some more in depth pics of the Strawberry Hill dollhouse that is going to be the tinies' home for a little while. This dollhouse was a yard sale find for $20 at a church yard sale and came with some old furniture, the only thing missing was the components for the slant roof over the attic rooms. I am in the process of looking for some battery powered lights for it. But in these pics you can see the dollhouse front with the doors closed, and open. It currently sits on a small wood cube stand in my display room. I love the furniture in the kitchen and dining room, but it needs to be more comfy & modern. The office, next to the parlor, will be updated with a computer for Dixie as well, and a bed in the night nursery will be added too. I still have an attic bedroom not finished, that could be Minuette's room, since she doesn't like the furnished children's attic room- says the bed is not comfortable. dolls....the Realpuki when she arrives may sleep inthe night nursery.
Minuette loves the kitchen, but it is dark and cramped, and the best use of space hasn't been made. I may move that large hutch into the dining room, it will match the white & pine table and chairs I have for it already. The scandanavian table and chair are just too adorable, and they and the stove were given to me by Susan Sirkis, one of my miniature doll friends. But the stove needs to be more modern, so the sink and stove will come out and make way for a more modern one ,
All for now, more updated pics as I do more on the house, and working on cleaning out the display room.

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