Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old & new pics of the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse...

These are some older pics of the dollhouse in my shop window- where it is still residing until we move it reason my display room is in such a mess so we can make room for my favorite dollhouse next to Tara & Minnie's bakery. I have already brought home my tupperware bucket of dolls that I can't live without at the shop so they can reside on my shelves...when did I acquire so many silkies and Fashion Royalty dolls???? One reason for the basic membership at the W club, even though I was lusting after both the Kyori & the Avant Guard- and she looked like Poppy! Since there are other dolls who haven't made it home yet, we are sticking to our doll list for 2011 and no ifs ands, or buts. lol. The pictures above remind me of when I was a little girl and received my first dollhouse- it looked huge, because it was on wheels and I loved loved loved it. I stilll have it an intend to take it back and restore it, it was built on a scale of 1 1/2 inches to the foot, so it will be perfect for the pukifee I want to bring home, and a wonderful place for my tinies to reside with all of the Rement I am obsessed with collecting. I now have the Hinamatsuri set I purchased, I may set it up in one of hte bedrooms of that house if they are clean enough.
The kitchen still  needs some work. I haven't decided whether I need to stick with this table, it is perfect for my bjd tinies like the brownies, pukis, and too small for Barbie, but would be great for my old childhood dollhouse, I suspect my 8 inch madame alexanders would fit in it perfect. Becky works ok in it but she's shorter than Barbie. In order to add the rest of the Sindy furniture like the oven range, I need to take the foamcore floor out and redo it. I wouldlike to do a scene in the dollhouse for Valentine's day, but don'tknow if that will happen anytime soon. hmm..Another excuse to drag out my Luxury french

I worked so hard on getting this scene just right before we set up the house in the window, I never tire of standing outside when I have time to see all the details I added. It has been most rewarding to share this wonderful piece in my collection with my customers and just passerby the shop. One thing that is neat is to be at the shop early in the morning and watch the joggers slow down on the sidewalk to take a look, that gives me such a good feeling to know that the house brings happiness to so many people. It really is trrue that there is a little bit of love of little things in all of us,...
I received more Rement from my favorite seller in Hong Kong, when I was bidding onthe seperate sets of Hinamatsuri, will take pics later today when I feel better. The flu has struck me again after I had it very bad on Sunday night Monday all day, and Tuesday as well, when I did not go to the shop. It struck both my husband and I again this morning.
I will be posting more pics later, probably of Minuette's sweet shop, when I rearrange it and get a little skit together. I think I have more of the Mickey mouse McDonald's madame alexander happy meal dolls, a boy which I need to add in the mouse sweet shop. I am trying to prepare a scene for Valentine's day and the Brownies needed new outfits, which are on their way. All for now- Lisa

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