Monday, January 10, 2011

Cute dolls at Cracker Barrel..& Minuette's candy shop...

I couldn't resist posting today...yesterday hubby & I went to Mass, then went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. They are brillant on marketing strategy with a gift shop...I found these two adorable little dolls to add to the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse when it comes home...I hate the fact Mattel is revamping Kelly, or doing away with her altogether.

The little pink one came with a little white poodle, which is now residing in Minuette's candy shop. They were about $5 each, so if you have a Kelly or generic Kelly weakness like I do, go to Cracker Barrel! Their Valentine items were out & I couldn't help buying a pink rhinestone studded shirt to wear for my Lady Slipper dance unit for the Shrine. yeah, me!

Minuette's candy shop has come home to the display room, and some new or old items have been added. Still needs more Rement, which is on its way..I added another table & chairs and another Sonia Messner bakery rack. The cups and teacups look great on them. The bicycle out front & the little cat are from Hallmark, the bike is an ornament. Minuette likes the new location & thinks she'll get more business...I told her just hope that another mouse doesn't move in with a cheese shop, & she'll do fine.
I acquired some more Rement, it was a set I had bid on on Ebay- the ladies of the court in the Hinamatsuri set, it arrived today. It is so detailed! I think it might be nice to have an extra set of the ladies, and there is even a little box to store them in. This set came from Canada, I have an additional set coming from Hong Kong I bid on- it was the palaquins, I think.
The display room cleaning project is coming along- I will get some more pics soon. So many boxes of minis to go through I don't know where to begin. I'm also cleaning out older dolls that take up room as well.

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