Monday, May 31, 2010

Tiny BJD's...I'm so hooked!

I am thoroughly in love with my Tiny bjd's...they resemble small little girls, and who would know they were Brownie fairies??? Felix Brownies have me addicted and now I have my heart set on a Fairyland Real Puki basic Soso, courtesy of DDE (Denver Doll Emporium). I haven't yet ordered her yet, but am close to! I finished Maizie's faceup, andher eyes and eye putty are on their way from DDE.

I revamped alot of my collection this Memorial day weekend. My husband and I have made the huge decision to flip two rooms in our home, since it is so small. Our current den has a fireplace, and is a long room. The former living room is currently our dining room, where my MSD Gracie has her bedroom set up on the server, and my vintage Tara dollhouse is on an antique table also. Therefore, the den will become the dining room, and the now front room will become the living room area, with the television, etc. I & Chris have even picked out new furniture,that we love. Hence, we are now doing a system of sorting, cleaning and hauling away of old furniture, items that are not used, and the clutter that makes it difficult to clean.

Next weekend is the Barbie Club meeting and I can hardly wait! Our Barbie club recently raised $1000 with their annual yard sale- part of the funds from members' items goes to the Angel tree charity we do at Christmas. This month's theme is June, and weddings, so everyone will bring a doll in a wedding gown, there willb e questions for Ken, and we will have loads of Barbie fun. I hope to do a few scenes in the one sixth scale dollhouse with a picnic at their picnic table, soon, and also put on preorder the Mad Men dolls that are the 'IT' thing in Barbietown now.

Have a happy Memorial Day! Lisa

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