Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Felix Brownie BJD arrival Today!

We have an arrival two Felix Brownie bjd's arrived today! I had hoped they would be here for my birthday, but were a little late. Well worth the wait!! I had ordered from Karin of Ajumapama USA, and with the scandal on Den of Angels board where Felix company went bankrupt, I was a little anxious that I wouldn't receive my dolls. But thank goodness I did! I ordered a full set Calix with the free head event, and an extra wig, and then an extra body. The other brownie has already received her name, she is named Mae...she is so quiet, well mannered, and cute. The only thing she needs is eyes and an adorable little new dress. Calix will probably have her name changed to protect the innocent...she has got so much 'tude. I can tell this little one does not like to Share, and I'm not sure how Gracie will feel about the new tinies roaming about in my purse....
They both arrived priority mail, in an adorable little bookbox with blue ribbons. Hmm, with my recent obsession with Tim Burton's movie Alice in Wonderland, I am thinking my Calix might make a wonderful Alice! or maybe an anagram of Alice, like Alicekins, something cute....don't know how the divas in the one sixth scale dollhouse will react to them, but they already love it there!
Enjoy the pics!