Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That darn free shipping code...on Barbie Collector!

A28774 is the free shipping code on Barbiecollector.com and I made out like a bandit today with the new sales. Browsing the DOll Divas message board this morning, I found this little gem. With free shipping and the n ew $40 reward, I was able to buy Sandy Grease doll for $10, Becky giftset for $35, Malibu Barbie repro for $18, the jewel tones barbie makeup for $10, and the Generations of Dreams barbie for $15!!!! I have already been able to trade the Sandy doll on the bbc board for some Kelly outfits for my two new Felix Brownie bjd's coming in...I haven't yet decided on their names, but their cottage is coming along.
My birthday was awesome, I had a cheesecake with strawberries, blackberries, and chocolate sauce with whipped cream that I shared with my family and friends, much better than a plain old birthday cake! I bought myself a neat Re-ment Alice in Wonderland tea set, with the cards that you actually put about the tea items. I am currently planning on buying Mattel's Mad Hatter (should have bought him today, but ran out of money!lol) as I want to do the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland tea scene. My pillow talk Poppy will make an excellent 'tall' Alice, thinking of using one of the Brownies as an Alice........ I think my next bjd acquisition will be a Pipos mouse, for Doormouse, and hopefully a Cheshire....All for dollyville news so far!~Lisa

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