Monday, May 31, 2010

My other blogs...

A quick post to look to the left and you will see a new box containing links to my other blogs! Besides the One Sixth Scale dollhouse blog, I have three other blogs, two more active than the other one.

King William Miniatures & Collectibles- This blog is an update with a link box to our Facebook page, and I usually post about new products, holiday specials, auctions under our two user ids- kingwilliamminis & pumpkinhillstudios on Ebay, and also updates to our website, and new products you will find in our retail brick and mortar shop. I have recently uploaded the most recent 1:12 scale Bespaq catalog pages, (some which is available for special order if not in stock) and also the discontinued catalog of the larger scale catalog of Bespaq, only availalbe through our website or in our shop. I encourage you to follow our business blog!

Pumpkin Hill Studios- down at the Pumpkin Patch-
this is a blog of my larger doll obsessions, and other miniature projects and hobbies I have..I am slowly attempting to create a pictorial record of all of my dolls, whether miniature or not, and experiment with scales especially the larger scales of dolls, such as American Girl, antique dolls, BJD's, and so on. Since opening the shop I have taken up my doll hobby as far as collecting, and hopefully I can share my dioramas, dollhouse projects, and more with my fans. This blog is slow in getting off its feet, so please follow!

The YardSale dollhouse story

I started this blog a few years ago, and I need to really update it. Two of my dollhouses are rescues and I adore them- Tara, and Stawberry Hill Manor, which I purchased at yard sales and started refurbishing. I hope to do more with this, but may close this blog and catalog the pictures into Pumpkin Hill BLOG.


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