Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I have come to really like St. Patrick's day and decorating it for Barbie and my dolls.  Here are a few new ones, and some older ones from the archives. 

Here are my newest ones I did with the dreamhouse recently- Barbie and Steffie decided it would be 'fun' to make a traditional Irish meal and have the Skippers eat it and experience Irish culture. How many moms forced us to do this when all we wanted was pizza and hamburgers at twelve and thirteen? lol 

 Below is a scene I did when I was creating St. Patrick's day cakes for sale and did a wonderful scene for my reproduction french fashion dolls, Annabelle and Marie Terese, and made their outfits and the cakes. I enjoyed doing this scene alot and still set it up just for fun so the dolls and I can enjoy St. Patrick's day together. I love this little teaset with shamrocks on it. 


Below is another St. Patrick's scene I did for my Va Fashion Doll club when we had a March meeting celebrating St. Patrick's day plus a diorama competition and I won with this scene I depicted Irish life in a cottage or 'croft' of two people having a typical Irish meal. I did alot of research into a typical Irish breakfast and needless to say it was hard to make it look both real and appetizing, as well as historical. The same foods are ate today as they were , well over hundred years ago. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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Dorothy In PA said...

I love the various vignettes. My favorite is tea time. The food looks so real.