Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy World Doll Day!

Happy World Doll Day! 

History of World Doll Day: 

The First World Doll Day was established on June 14th, 1986 with a letter by Mildred Seeley. It was created to spread the universal message of happiness and love.

So today I did my part and went out, and saved some dolls at a local auction that had great stuff to bid on. A few of those items were some table lots with tons of dolls and doll items, 2 table lots which I won! And some doll items which I lost- 😠 and then a bunch of other items which I was pleased to win- which had nothing to do with dolls. 

I had planned to have some wonderful beautiful picturesque photos of dollies having tea and doing dolly things, but maybe I should just show you the dollies I 'saved' in honor of World Doll Day. Some will stay, some will go. Here are a couple of the table lots. 

The Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls were damaged, their hands were broken. They are porcelain dolls and I didn't notice this until I got them into the car. The Barbies are Christmas dolls and their boxes are damaged but the GOLD is the Barbie Ferrari that comes with its BOX- it is sitting on its original box. That has been hard to find for me and I have been looking for items with their original box without paying a fortune. I purchased the whole table for what I what would have paid for one item on ebay. I am not particularly excited about the generic grandma porcelain dolls but I may be able to move some of them in my ebay store or mercari. The table cost me very little. The other table lot gave me some Christmas barbies as well so I scooped up some great products. There are some great dolls that are really beautiful actually - as well as some angel toppers in this lot. 

So I leave you with some photos of my not seen so often Vintage Cissy having Tea...


Donna Ulett said...

I love that red dress, all your miniatures are awesome my favorite miniatures is making dresses for all size dolls thanks for sharing

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you!