Thursday, June 14, 2018

Barbie Find of the Week: The Barbie Ferrari

I attended an auction last weekend and was lucky enough to score the hard to find 1990 Barbie Ferrari. It was in a table lot of other doll items, and is the one item I am keeping for myself. The most wonderful part of the 'score' is that it came with its original box! I am over the moon on this part of the score , as I have my vintage country camper that I had to pay almost top dollar on ebay to acquire the original vintage box. I acquired a whole table of dolls and doll items for a small amount and this lovely vintage item, as well as some other 1990's Barbies that I am selling on my EBAY CURRENT AUCTIONS starting at 9.99, one of which includes Wedding Day Midge. 

The car is missing its windshield, and some of its stickers. The box has dents and scuffs from storage, but the graphics are bright. I am hoping I can perhaps find a windshield on ebay. The gearshift, amazingly, the most fragile piece, is still intact on the interior! So is the steering wheel. This item has apparently been enjoyed by some little girl , and stored somewhere hot, as the stickers are lifting on the seats and lights. Some restoration may be in order. I am just glad I was able to get this beauty for pennies on the dollar in a table lot!



Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous car! Congratulations! Unless my memory tricks me, I believe I had a red car for my Barbies too, but that was in the seventies. Your Ferrari reminds me of it, although I don't think it was a Ferrari :-).

The grandmommy said...

So beautiful and shiny red!

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you both! I was flabbergasted that it was part of a huge table lot up for grabs. I knew I would be able to keep it for myself if I was able to be lucky enough to outbid someone. Fortunately I did, and have already sold two items and more than made my money back on some of the other items so I can keep this treasure for my own collection. Best of all it has its box.

D7ana said...

Congratulations, Lisa! Good luck getting the missing parts. That's really cool that the part you thought would be missing was there. Sweet!

@MillicentAndFriends - your 1970s car might have been the Barbie Porsche. Mattel had it in red - and I had that car, too. (Might still have it ... need to check, lol.)

Cindi Mortensen said...

Congrats Lisa!
You are so lucky to have found that car, and in such great shape! Hope you're able to find the windshield. :-)