Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Black & White Tweed Suit Silkstone Barbie 2017

So Mattel , or Barbie Collector sent out an email with this delicious lovely. The ability to pre-order her for $75 between 3/27-3/29 . Sounds wonderful right? 

Well, as usual, there were some glitches in the system. Some people were able to by a freak glitch in the system, use the previous 20% off which had said that 2017 dolls were excluded. 
Then some ordered her from dealers, who were offering her for $55 and then upped the price to $69.99 when they saw Mattel going to $75. Once again this looks like a Camel Coat bait and switch on the price. Sigh. 

Black & White Tween Suit Silkstone Barbie is backordered right now on the Barbie Collector website until April 29, 2017.  Their website sent me an email but it did not say that in the email, it said that when I ordered the doll and so I imagine soon I will get an email telling me the doll is backordered. I have heard it that the website (once again, ) is being re-vamped. 

I have to say I ordered this doll because I wished to add her to my collection of silkstones that wear suits, and she is on the new articulated body. I adore her, but one person stated she should have worn a black hat instead of the white one, and I agree with that. They might have wanted to change it up a bit. I think it makes her look a little snazzy. 

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