Sunday, March 19, 2017

American Horror Story - Coven Dolls

I should have given you a post long ago when the dolls began to trickle in, but I was pre-occupied with other things. I had expected Fiona Goode to arrive when Myrtle Snow came in. Turns out Fiona Goode wanted to make an entrance two months later than Myrtle. Fiona finally arrived this week. And she was well worth the wait. 

I have to admit to having never watched the show Coven or even clips of it. But I do find the box cover graphics of it and what I have read of it intriguing. I especially like the photos of the actress who played Myrtle Snow and thought the doll they did of her very striking, which is why I purchased her. I like unique and eccentric dolls that do not fit the 'Supermodel' look. I especially liked the photos of Myrtle looking out the window with her cigarette. It looked provocative and refreshing. I grew up with women who smoked. No I don't smoke, but I don't get offended when others do. lol. 

I was disappointed when her box didn't include a long cigarette holder. It would have been elegant with those yellow gloves and that outfit. Reminds me a bit of the Phyllis Diller look with that wild hair. 

I used my haunted diorama Victorian walls for the backdrop on these two and a white foamcore wall on the backwall.  Thought an elegant black and white look would go well since Fiona is into 'black' and looking youthful and it would compliment both of their outfits. I will make more of a diorama for them.

I can say that Fiona's umbrella rocks! Her outfit , the only thing that bothers me is the shoes do not fit well over those seamed stockings. The only complaint of the whole doll I have. Her face is lovely, I love the outfit. Very chic. She really does look like the actress. I am tempted to buy more of the dolls from Integrity if they have more of them left, and if my wallet will allow.  Like her daughter Zoe, if they aren't sold out. Oh well. 

Enjoy the photos. Hopefully I will have a complete diorama set up with these two. 


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I think they did a great job making the dolls look like the characters from the show, but none of them interested me. :(

Lisa Neault said...

I agree. Integrity has so many lines you would have to have deep pockets to collect them all! I feel like I have been deluged with dolls by them. I passed on a lot of the reckless /NuFace lines except for the Eden and Lillith dolls - one was by preorder and lottery. There was a Jem and the Holograms Zipper that I REALLY wanted but couldn't afford because I wasn't planning on him and the lottery doll too. And we have a Poppy coming in April or May. I love dolls with eccentric face molds that don't fit the doll normal and these two were the best- Marie Leveaux /Angela Bassett sold out quickly. I wish they had put her in the historical costume.