Friday, March 10, 2017

Barbie's Birthday continued....

I somewhat commandeered the post yesterday on Barbie's birthday and used an old photo from my archives, since I hadn't done any new set ups for her.  Later in the evening after I had finished celebrating my anniversary, I pulled my new Barbie The Look articulated dolls out and did a little scene where Barbie is celebrating with her friends. 

I have been following @barbiestyle  on Instagram and really love how they use these dolls and variations of them. They are sneaky and use one of a kinds that are never manufactured and sometimes dolls they are going to debut on Barbie Collector, like the new Russian Model doll that has been unveiled. When I saw this Barbie Look Barbie on instagram, I knew I wanted her, especially when she was re-dressed. She is really cute. 

Click on the pictures to enlarge them, I used my cell phone to take these. 

I used all four of the Barbie Look articulated dolls, I won the one standing in the back in the tulle skirt at my Barbie club meeting last year's raffle. The other three I purchased by great good luck at Tuesday Morning for 14.99 or less! I three in a new Fashionista curvy girl to give contrast in body and face mold and interest to the party. 

I am looking forward to getting the two new Basics that have been debuted as well, just have not got around to it as I am waiting on Barbie Collector to get their act together.  I will probably join again this year, if there is a club- but it is already going around that there will not be a first reward, and many are speculating that there will not be any reward perks this year, if any. I only join the club because of the silkstones, and the fantasy Forest series, and the rewards perks off of the pricey dolls. Hopefully the club will be giving us some news soon. 

Enjoy the pics!Lisa


Jewell said...

Love the pics of Barbie's birthday celebration! I'm off today, so maybe I'll check out Tuesday Morning. I haven't been in a while. Barbie Fan Club needs to release some news. The silence is frustrating. I haven't made a single purchase from them this year. I'm curious to see how their sales will be affected if they opt to not have a club or offer rewards this year.

Farrah Lily said...

Very cute photoshoot! I also think that Look Barbie with the bangs is just so cute. I love that Instragram barbiestyle page. The dolls always look so gorgeous.

Lisa Neault said...

Jewell, I agree. You will probably be surprised at how much you spend at Tuesday Morning. I always stock up on the extra basics dolls in the excuse that I will A- use them as gifts for my friends, or B- use them for my collection, lol or C- use them as dolls for my OOAK projects. I am working on 2 dolls now that I am making into OOAK with beaded gowns . I love doing things like that for fun.
The Barbie fan club is and has been disappointing for me. I bought a few dolls so my rewards would not go to waste, like Lady of the White woods, water sprite, and Spock and Uhura but that was mostly it. I think I also purchased the new articulated barbie and camel coat barbie when she came out and I got her on sale before they changed their minds on the price. Since they have been doing that, I have been looking at other places for prices on the silkies, and finding better deals with free shipping.

Farrah Lily, I love that instagram page. Whoever does it has a great understanding and set up of the dolls. It gives me alot of inspiration for my own dioramas.

Farrah Lily said...

Another amazing one with Barbie photography is @lookstyledolls his Barbies are so beautiful groomed and styled and it leave me in awe!